Canoe Equipment

At Norfolk Canoes we are Open Canoe specialists, so whether you're outfitting a canoe for family paddling or a full expedition, we will do our best to find the right gear for your needs.

Open Canoe paddles for sale | canoe equipment from Norfolk Canoes


We stock a range of open canoe paddles. If you'd like help deciding, feel free to get in touch for a chat.


Open Canoe Trolleys for sale | Open CAnoe Equipment at Norfolk Canoes


A good quality trolley can make all the difference getting your boat to and from the water or when portaging.


Replacement Canoe Seats for sale


We stock a range of replacement canoe seats. Whether you're looking for bow, stern or centre seats in a web or bootlace fishing.


Replacement Canoe Yokes, Thwarts and Fitting Kits


We stock a wide range of canoe yokes, thwarts and fitting kits. If you would like any help outfitting your canoe, feel free to get in touch.


Dry Bags, Barrles and Luggage | Canoe Equipment for sale from Norfolk Canoes


We stock a wide range of waterproof Dry Bags, Luggage and Barrels that are ideal for day trips, camping or expeditions.


Buoyancy Blocks and Bags for sale


Buoyancy Blocks or Bags for outfitting your open canoe. If you are unsure which route to take on this, get in touch and we will do our best to advise you.


Palm Universal mat

Versatile Palm Universal Mat for sale


Use it as a kneeling mat, seat cushion, changing cusion to keep your drysuit socks in one piece, head rest when relaxing on the bank, sandwich tray.....the list just goes on and on.

£14.36 (RRP £15.95 - Saving £1.59)


Canoe Painter kit

Canoe Painter Kit


2 x 6m lengths of floating rope and sections of bungee cord.
Perfect for when securing to a pontoon or jetty, and a variety of other uses.

£16.19 (RRP £17.99 - Saving £1.80)


Skid Plate Kit - Polyethylene Canoes

Skid Plate kit for ABS, Polyethylene plastic canoes


Complete kit for installing Skid Plates to your ABS, Polyethylene open canoe.

£58.46 (RRP £64.95 - Saving £6.49)



Skid Plate Kit - Composite and Tuff Stuff Canoes

Skid Plate Kit for Composite and Tuff Stuff Canoes


Complete kit for installing Skid Plates to your Composite, open canoe. Compatible with nova Craft Tuff Stuff canoes.

£58.46 (RRP £64.95 - Saving £6.49)



Canoe Repair Kit

Repair kit for open canoes for sale


Old Town canoe repair kit for Polyethylene and Royalex canoes.

Sandpaper, Fiberglass Cloth, 1 can of resin, 1 can of hardener, Paint brush, Stirring stick, Instructions.




Nova Craft Gel Coat Repair Kits


Colour specific repair kits for your Tuff Stuff Nova Craft canoe.


Minn kota Electric outboard Motors for canoes


Electric Outboard Motors are quiet and easy to use with your open canoe.


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