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Dry Suits for Canoeing & Kayaking

Dry Suits for Sea Kayaking, Kayak Fishing, Whitewater & General Paddling

Dry Suits or Surface Immersion Suits are the ideal choice for paddling around Norfolk & East Anglia in the winter & cold conditions. Whether you are whitewater paddling, sea kayaking, kayak fishing or just like to be warm on the water, there is a drysuit for you.

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Sea Kayaking, Touring, Fishing & SUP Drysuits

Typhoon Multisport SK Drysuit For Touring Paddlers, Sea Kayakers and Kayak Fishing

Typhoon Mulitsport SK Drysuit

A feature packed drysuit perfect for touring/sea kayakers & kayak fishermen alike.

  • Free: Care 4 Package & Walrus Transport Bag
  • Aquaseal plastic wasit hinge entry
  • Neoprene glideskin neck & latex wrist seal
  • Built-in waterproof fabric socks
  • Free Delivery To Mainland UK
Yak Strata Drysuit Ideal For Toruing, Sea Kayaking, SUP's and Kayak Fishing

Yak Strata Drysuit

A brillaint drysuit offering top level features desinged for touring & sea paddling, SUP's and Kayak Fishing.

  • Rear shoulder entry
  • Neoprene neck & wrist seals
  • Built-in fabric waterproof fabric socks
  • YKK aquaseal plastic zips
Typhoon PS440 Touring Fishing and Sea Paddling Dry Suit

Typhoon PS440 Drysuit

Hard-wearing feature-packed dry suit that's very popular with kayak fishing paddlers.

  • Plastic Masterseal hinge waist & relief zips
  • Glideskin neck & latex wrist seals
  • Built-in fabric waterproof fabric socks
  • Free Delivery To Mainland UK

Whitewater & All Rounder Drysuits

Typhoon Multisport Rapid Hard Wearing whitewater Drysuit For Kayaking and Canoeing

Typhoon Multisport Rapid Drysuit

Typhoon have taken all the best features from the Multisport range and put them into this fantastic Multisport Rapid drysuit.

  • Reinforced high wear areas
  • YKK Aqua shoulder entry & relief zip
  • Latex neck & wrist seal
  • Built-in waterproof fabric socks
  • Free Delivery To Mainland UK

Typhoon Menai Multisport 4 Whitewater Drysuit

Typhoon Menai Multisport 4 Drysuit

A top spec whitewater drysuit offering great protection, features & comfort for paddlers.

  • Quad Ply breathable fabric
  • Hypercurve back zip position
  • Latex seals on neck and wrists
  • Free Delivery To Mainland UK

Palm Atom Mens Whitewater Drysuit

Palm Atom Mens Whitewater Drysuit

Top selling whitewater drysuit from Palm. Comfortable and gives great protection while paddling.

  • Ti-Zip Masterseal plastic should entry & relief zips
  • Latex neck & wrist seals
  • Built-in waterproof fabric socks
NRS Crux Whitewater Dry Suit For Canoe and Kayaking

NRS Crux Drysuit

Superb lightweight dry suit designed for maximum protection and comfort when whitewater kayaking or canoeing.

  • Plastic Masterseal over the shoulder zip entry
  • Plastic Masterseal relief zip
  • Latex neck and wrist seals
  • Built-in waterproof fabric socks

Womens Specific Drysuits

Palm Atom Womens Specific Drysuit For Female Paddlers

Palm Atom Womens Drysuit

Womens specific version of the Palm Atom dry suit. All the features but with female paddlers in mind.

  • Shoulder entry Ti-Zip Masterseal plastic zip
  • Latex neck & wrist seals
  • Plastic Ti-Zip drop seat relief zip
  • Built-in waterproof fabric socks