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Thule RoofRack & Roofbox Storage Accessories

Thule accessories & storage solutions to help you store your roofbox at home.

Thule Roofbox Storage & Accessories

Thule MultiLift Cradle For Storing Your Roofbox On Your Garage Ceiling

Thule MultiLift 752

Thule MultiLift allows you to conveniently store your roofbox out of the way using your garage ceiling.

  • Makes getting your roofbox on and off your car easier
  • Reduces the risk of damage to your roofbox when not in use
  • Combined with the Thule Roofbox Cover will extend the life-span of your roofbox
  • Can also be used for storing kayaks - Will hold up to 100kgs

Thule GoPack Storage Bags - Set Of Four

Thule GoPack Set Of 4

Great value set of four Thule GoPack travel bags.

  • Each GoPack has its own label for easy identification
  • Side carry handles and shoulder straps
  • Lightweight durable material


Car Roofrack Accessories

Pairs Of 3 And 5 Metre Car Roofrack Straps

Pairs Of 3 and 5 Metre Kayak Straps

High quality 3m & 5m straps for securing canoes & kayaks to car rooracks. Sold in pairs.

  • 3 and 5m lengths available - SOLD IN PAIRS
  • Neoprene backed buckles secure and protect
  • Strong and very easy to use

Thule 841 Locking Car Roofrack Straps For Canoe And Kayak Transport

Thule Locking Straps 841

A pair of 4m high quality car roofrack straps with steel core, each with individual barrel locking mechanism for extra security.

  • Pair of 4m straps with Steel core
  • Straps can be tightened even when locked
  • Ideal length for both canoes and kayaks

Thule Quickdraw 838

Thule QuickDraw Straps 838

Ratchet attachments to secure bow and stern of your canoe or kayak to your car.

  • Sold in a set of 2.
  • Easy to use with hook attachment points.
  • A great piece of kit especially for use with long canoes, touring and sea kayaks.
  • Stops you being dependent on just straps around the roof rack.

Thule Cable Security Lock For Canoe And Kayak Transport

Thule 538 Coiled Cable Lock

Plastic coated steel cable to thread through your canoe or kayak and secure to your roofrack for that bit of extra security and visual deterrant.

  • 180cm when fully extended.
  • Coils neatly for storage.
  • Durable plastic coating protect the cable and your boat.
  • Superb visual deterrant against theft.