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Hobie Kayaks Equipment & Accessories

Norfolk Canoes is able to offer a wide range of Hobie Kayaks equipment and accessories.

If you are looking for something not listed please contact us on 01603 747139 where we will be happy to help, and advise on price and availability.

Mirage Drive Fins, Motors & Accessories

Hobie 180 Drive Turbo Fin Kit

Hobie 180 Mirage Drive Turbo Fin Kit

A simple to install kit for increasing speed and efficiency on the new 180 Mirage Drives from Hobie.


Hobie Standard, ST & ST Turbo Fins

Hobie Kayaks Standard, Square Top and Square Top Turbo Fins Avalaible at Norfolk Canoes

Hobie offer 3 types of fins for your Mirage Drive Standard, Square Top or Square Top Turbo Fins allowing you to get the best from your Hobie.


Hobie Evolve V2 Motor

Hobie Kayaks eVolve V2 Motor From Norfolk Canoes

This brilliant piece of kit allows you to replace the mirage drive with a motor. With 2 mounting points this is the real deal for your Hobie Kayak.


Hobie Mirage Drive Leash

Hobie Kayaks Mirage Drive Leash Avaliable From Norfolk Canoes

Protect your mirage drive whilst out on the water, don't risk taking it out and losing it with out a drive leash.


Hobie Mirage Drive Stow Bag

Hobie Kayak Mirage Drive Stow Bag On Sale At Norfolk Canoes

A heavy duty cordura and mesh bag will help protect your mirage drive whilst transporting.


Hobie Kayaks Trolleys

Hobie Kayaks Standard Plug In Kart

Hobie Kayaks Plug in Cart with Stainless Steel Padded Frame Avaliable from Norfolk Canoes

A Lightweight plug in cart with a stainless steel frame and solid wheels. Perfect for solid or harder surfaces.

Hobie Kayaks Heavy Duyt Plug In Kart

Hobie Kayaks Plug in Cart with Stainless Steel Padded Frame Avaliable from Norfolk Canoes

A heavy duty plug in cart with a welded stainless steel frame and solid foam wheels, ideal rough, solid & harder ground.

Hobie Kayaks Trax 2 Cart

Hobie Kayaks Trax 2 Cart Perfect for Soft Ground Avalaible from Norfolk Canoes

A welded stainless steel frame, with wide high capacity wheels that are easy to remove. Perfect for softer and uneven surfaces.

Hobie Kayaks Sails & Accessories

Hobie Sail Kit

Hobie Kayaks Sail Rig Kit

Adding a sail kit to your Hobie Kayak allows you to pedal and make use of the wind to get the highest top speed you can.


Hobie Sidekick AMA Kit

Hobie Kayaks Sidekick AMA Kit

The extra amount of stability offered by the SideKick AMA kit will give you that piece of mind whilst out on the water.


Hobie Kayaks Tramp Kits

Hobie Kayaks Trampoline Kit for Rev 16 and TI From Norfolk Canoes

The versatile Tramp kit gives you extra options, from carrying extra kit to having somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down.


Hobie Large Rudder Blade

Hobie Kayaks Large Rudder Blade Perfect For Sailing Avaliable From Norfolk Canoes

Hobie's over-sized sailing rudder blade for the Mirage series of kayaks for a more responsive rudder control.


Hobie Kayaks Covers

Hobie Kayak Kayak Covers to Fit the Full range of Hobie Kayaks

Protect your Hobie from the weather, UV rays and dirt when your not using it. Available in a range of sizes to fit most of the Hobie lines.

From: £207.95