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Kayak & Sit On Top Kayak Wall Storage Racks

Storage Racks

Kayak Or Sit On Top Kayak Folding Wall Storage Rack Hanger For Garage Or Outside

Riot Folding Kayak Wall Storage Rack

A really easy way of storing your kayak or sit on top on your garage or other flat wall area saving space.

  • Can support a kayak or sit on top
  • Padded bars for extra protection
  • Max Load 40kgs

Wall Mounted Kayak Storage Rack With Paddle Holder

Wall Mounted Kayak And Paddle Rack

Simple rack to store a kayak and paddle on the wall of your garage or outbuilding.

  • Powder coated steel frame with foam protection
  • All fixings included
  • Max Load 55kgs
  • Can fold flat against the wall when not in use
  • Able to store kayak and paddle

Kestrel Wall Hanger For Kayaks And Sit On Tops

Kestrel Wall Hanger For Kayaks And Sit On Tops

For wall mounting kayaks and sit on tops. Powder coated aluminium, foam padding. Sold in pairs

  • Can support 2 kayaks or sit on tops
  • Also features paddle hook for a paddle storage
  • Folds vertically when not in use. All fixings included

Short Kayaks Storage Tressels

Short Kayak Tressels - Pair

Lightweight folding tressles made from aluminium. Sold in pairs

  • Ideal for most kayaks
  • Padding protects the condition of your kayak
  • Sold in pairs
  • Holds kayak approx 40cm off the ground


Storage & Transport Accessories

Pairs Of 3 And 5 Metre Car Roofrack Straps

Pairs Of 3 and 5 Metre Kayak Straps

High quality 3m & 5m straps for securing canoes & kayaks to car roofracks. Sold in pairs.

  • 3 and 5m lengths available - SOLD IN PAIRS
  • Neoprene backed buckles secure and protect
  • Strong and very easy to use

Thule 841 Locking Car Roofrack Straps For Canoe And Kayak Transport

Thule Locking Straps 841

A pair of 4m high quality car roofrack straps with steel core, each with individual barrel locking mechanism for extra security.

  • Pair of 4m straps with Steel core
  • Straps can be tightened even when locked
  • Ideal length for both canoes and kayaks

Thule Cable Security Lock For Canoe And Kayak Transport

Thule 538 Coiled Cable Lock

Plastic coated steel cable to thread through your canoe or kayak and secure to your roofrack for that bit of extra security and visual deterrent.

  • 108cm when fully extended.
  • Coils neatly for storage.
  • Durable plastic coating protect the cable and your boat.
  • Superb visual deterrent against theft.

Rack Guard Visual Deterrent For Transporting Kayaks

Rack Guard

Designed to keep your kayaks safe without needing a padlock through the use of the large red plastic ball.

  • Thread through kayaks and either car window or door
  • 4mm plastic coated high strength steel cable
  • Peace of mind and also great visual deterrent.