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Split & Emergency Kayak Paddles

Two, three and Four Part kayak Paddles

A good quality emergency split paddle can really save your bacon when kayaking. Small, so easy to store on deck.

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Distance 2 piece Paddles are ideal for use as a spare or emergency paddle

Riot Distance 2 Piece Split Paddle

2 piece paddle with alloy shaft & asymmetric plastic blades. Lightweight & efficient, comfortable to use with inflatable canoes and kayaks

  • Plastic sculptured blades
  • Clamp joint with adjustable feather angle
  • Tough Alloy Shaft with adjustable Drip Rings
  • Overall Length 220cm
2 Piece Feelfree Day Tour emergency kayak paddle

Feel Free Day Tour Alloy 2 Part Paddle

Tough, asymmetrical polypropylene blades on an alloy shaft. A good spare paddle for emergency situations.

  • Great value for money split kayak paddle
  • Tough plastic and alloy construction
  • Bright white blades
  • Push button join
FeelFree Day Tour Glass 2 Piece Split Kayak Paddle from Norfolk Canoes

Feel Free Day Tour Glass 2 Piece Paddle

Tough, asymmetrical polypropylene blades on a glass fibre shaft. A lighter weight split kayak paddle.

  • Efficient asymmetric blade designs
  • Push button joint
  • Lighter fibreglass shaft
  • 220cm length
TNP 3 Piece Emergency Paddle for Sale from Norfolk Canoes Near Suffolk

TNP Asymmetric 3 Piece Kayak Paddle

A 3 part alloy split kayak paddle ideal to store in your boat just in case you need it.

  • Symmetical HDPE Blades with Tough Alloy Shaft
  • 3 Piece Split with button joint
  • Drip Rings
Werner Powerhouse 4 Part Emergency Paddle for Sale from Norfolk Canoes Near Suffolk

Werner Powerhouse 4 Piece split

The Powerhouse offers amazing power and responsiveness needed for big creeks and river running. 7

  • Full sized whitewater paddle
  • Space saving that's ideal for storage and transport
  • Still great performance white water paddle
  • Popular emergency paddle for white water kayaks