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Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks

A Wide Range Of Solo, Tandem Or 3 Person Inflatables.

Inflatable canoes and kayaks are a great space-saving idea to help you get out exploring without the problems of storing and transporting large rigid boats. Ideal for holidays, family days out or just getting away from it all we offer a range of inflatables to suit 1 person or up to the whole family.

Gumotex Solo Inflatables

Great Value Small Solo Lightweight Gumotex Twist 1 Inflatable Kayak

Gumotex Twist 1

Comfortable single seat inflatable sit on top kayak that packs down small, is lightweight and great fun for holidays and exploring your local waterways. Ideal to throw in the car on the off-chance you can get on the water.

The Small 1 Person Gumotex Swing 1 Sit Inside Lightweight Inflatable Kayak

Gumotex Swing 1

The Swing 1 is a versatile touring inflatable kayak with a closed-in cockpit that helps you to keep warmer and dryer than a sit on top style kayak.

Single Seat Safari 330 Inflatable Kayak For Sale

Gumotex Safari 330

Superbly versatile inflatable kayak, the Gumotex Safari is great fun whether you are exploring calm waters or tackling some light rapids. Features a responsive and self-bailing hull.

Gumotex Framura Inflatable Touring Kayak

Gumotex Framura

With a proper touring kayak hull design, the Gumotex Famura is a fast inflatable sit in kayak that will have you enjoying long days out exploring rivers, lakes and other waterways in comfort.


Gumotex Tandem Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks

The Popular Gumotex Twist 2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Gumotex Twist 2

New incarnation of the Twist tandem inflatable kayak from Gumotex.Now features a handy central attachment point for locating a seat when paddling solo.

Gumotex Solar With 3 Seats Inflatable Canoe

Gumotex Solar

Latest version of the Solar, this superb inflatable canoes comes with 2 seats as standard with a centre mounting point for a third seat or the ideal configuration for solo paddling.

New Gumotex Thaya Inflatable Kayak With Drop-Stitch Technology

Gumotex Thaya

The Gumotex Thaya is made with hand made precision, and offers fully customisable seat and foot plate positioning suitable for solo and tandem paddling. The drop-stitch technology allows for a high pressure floor making the Thaya one of the top performing inflatables available.

2 Person Gumotex Swing 2 Inflatable Sit On Kayak For Sale

Gumotex Swing 2

A great option as a touring sit in kayak for 2 people to take on trips where you don't have space for a rigid kayak. Comfortable seating with enclosed cockpits and a fast touring hull.

Gumotex Seawave Inflatable Kayak

Gumotex Seawave

Superb, versatile inflatable touring kayak which can be configured to be either a 1, 2 or even 3 seater. The Seawave is one of Gumotex's most popular and best selling models of inflatable kayak.

Gumotex Rush 2 Tandem Inflatable Drop Stitch Kayak

Gumotex Rush 2

New model of touring kayak with Drop Stitch floor from Gumotex. Can be configured to solo or tandem paddling. Shown with optional deck fitted for optimum comfort.

Best Selling Gumotex Palava Inflatable Canoe

Gumotex Palava 400

Possibly our best-selling inflatable canoe, the Palava is incredibly tough and versatile. Just as happy on calm fresh water rivers and lakes as it is smashing down whitewater. A real paddlers inflatable canoe.

3 Seat Inflatable Gumotex Scout Economy Canoe

Gumotex Scout Eco+

Perhaps the ideal family inflatable canoe, the Gumotex Scout Eco+ has 3 full bnench seats and a carrying capacity of around 450kgs. Bags of room, great performance and build quality you just can't go wrong with.

The Gumotex Scout Standard Inflatable Canoe For Sale

Gumotex Scout Standard

Spacious inflatable canoe with 3 seats. Same spec as the Economy but with a self-draining hull, reinforced seats, lashing points for kit and other features for a tougher and more capable inflatable canoe.


Gumotex Inflatable Fishing Boats

Gumotex Halibut Inflatable Fishing Kayak For Sale

Gumotex Halibut

A hard-wearing, comfortable inflatable boat that is fully capable of taking you to where the fish are. Fully-loaded with all the storage space and features a kayak fisherman could need, with the added bonus of a boat that folds up and you can put inside the car.


Sevylor Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks

Top Selling Sevylor Model, The Madison Tandem Inflatable Canoe

Sevylor Madison

The Madison is Sevylor's 2 person inflatable kayak. Following on from the popular Colorado, the Madison features all the latest upgrades.

3 Seat Inflatable Sevylor Alameda Canoe For Sale

Sevylor Alameda

2 person inflatable canoe from Sevylor. The Alameda is comfortable and spacious - ideal for recreational use and holidays

2 Person Sevylor Ottawa Touring Inflatable Kayak For Sale

Sevylor Ottawa

A real family inflatable canoe, the Ottawa comes with 3 comfortable seats and a sleek design for easier paddling.


Inflatable Canoe & Kayak Equipment