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Lightweight Kayaks

Light Touring & Sea Kayaks

Lightweight kayaks make life much simpler allowing for easier lifting and loading of your touring & sea kayaks on to roofracks.

If you can't find the spec or boat you are looking for Contact Us and we will be happy to help you with your perfect Lightweight Kayak.

Lightweight Short Touring Kayaks

Swift Lightweight Composite Touring Kayaks Adirondack 10 LT Super Light Touring Kayak - For Sale From Norfolk Canoes UK

Swift Kayaks Adirondack 10 LT

Swift make the lightest weight canoes and kayaks in the world and the Swift Kayaks Adirondack 10 LT is one of the lightest. This is a short, stable lightweight kayak perfect for recreational paddling on fresh waters.

  • For More Details & Prices - Contact Us
  • Weight: 9.97kgs
Swift Kayaks Lightweight Touring Kevlar Fusion Kayak Swift Adirondack 12 Super Light Kayaks - Norfolk Canoes UK For Sale

Swift Kayaks Adirondack 12

With great stability levels this super lightweight touring kayak is neither long or narrow It offer a perfect blend of volume, tracking, room in the cockpit & manoeuvrability giving a high performance light kayak suitable for a range of paddlers and waters.

  • For More Details & Prices - Contact Us
  • Weight: 15.4kgs
Riot Quest 9.5 Super Lightweight Entry Level Touring Sit Inside Kayak

Riot Quest 9.5

A lightweight short, recreational touring kayak for smaller paddlers and larger kids

  • Superb Entry Level Stable Kayak
  • Weight: 17.8kgs

Old Town Heron 9 XT Light Sit Inside Kayak Perfect For Touring From Norfolk Canoes UK

Old Town Heron 9XT

The Heron 9XT is a lightweight, comfortable sit inside kayak with a comfortable seating system. Offering great stability and a large cockpit for easy entry & exit this light recreational kayak is perfect for most paddlers.

  • Comfortable Flex Seating System
  • Weight: 18.1kgs
Old Town Heron 11 XT Lightweight Touring Kayaks With Large Cockpit For All Paddlers Norfolk Canoes UK

Old Town Heron 11XT

The Old Town Heron 11 XT is a longer version of the Heron 9XT that remains light as well as comfortable, but is even more efficient in the 11ft length.

  • Stable User Friendly Kayak With Large Cockpit
  • Weight: 19.5kgs
Perception Expression 11 A Light Short Sit Inside Touring Kayak That Can Have A Spraydeck In The UK

Perception Expression 11

Perception have one of the lightest, best performing sit inside kayaks in the Expression 11. It's fast, agile and comfortable as well as being light.

  • Comfortable, adjustable DLX seat and backrest as standard.
  • Weight: 20kgs

Old Town Sorrento 106SK Lightweight Sit In Side Touring Kayak With Large Cockpit & Skeg For Sale Norfolk Canoes UK

Old Town Sorrento 106 SK

The Old Town Sorrento 106SK lightweight touring kayak with a big open cockpit to make it easier for entry and exit. It's manoeuvrable and tracks superbly well on a range of calm fresh waters.

  • Comfortable Seating System With Large Cockpit
  • Weight: 20.4kgs
Pelican Sprint 120XR Lightweight Solo Touring Kayak From Norfolk Canoes UK

Pelican Sprint 120XR

A lightweight recreational day touring kayak designed for paddlers wanting more performance and a large cockpit.

  • Lightweight & Durable RAM-X PREMIUM Construction
  • Weight: 22.6kgs

Longer Lightweight Touring & Sea Kayaks

Swift Saranac 15 Lightweight Long Touring Kayak, Kevlar Fusion Super Light Construction - Available To Order At Norfolk Canoes UK For Sale

Swift Kayaks Saranac 15

This lightweight long distance touring kayak offers a better glide through the water thanks to its great waterline length, it accelerates quickly and can maintain this speed. All this while being light enough to lift and load on your own.

  • For More Details & Prices - Contact Us
  • Weight: 18.14kgs
Available To Order Only
Norse Idun Lightweight Carbon Composite Sea Kayaks With Greenland Style Hull - For Sale At Norfolk Canoes UK

Norse Idun

Norse Idun lightweight sea kayak constructed from either carbon or composite, offering a high performance Greenland sea kayak style hull.

  • Composite or Carbon construction with a greenland style hull
  • Weight From: 20kgs
North Shore Aspect RM Lightweight, Short Well Performaing Sea Kayak For Sale At Norfolk Canoes

North Shore Aspect & Aspect LV RM

A lightweight sea kayak offering brilliant performance and all in a short sea kayak hull.

  • Lightweight, short length, top performance
  • Weight From: 21.5kgs

Perception Expression 14 & 15 A Fast Lightweight Longer Touring Kayak With Great Performance - Norfolk Canoes UK

Perception Expression 14 & 15

The Perception Expression 14 & 15 are some of the most efficient long touring kayaks around, offering a comfortable paddle while keeping them lightweight.

  • Fast, efficient and comfortable
  • Weight From: 24kgs


Alternative Lightweight Canoe Style Kayaks

Swift Canoe Pack 12.6 A Canoe With A Kayak Style Seat That Is Super Lightweight - Norfolk Canoes The UK Supplier Of Swift Canoes

Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

One of the lightest canoe style kayaks on the market, its canoe hull gives a great open feel, while the kayak style seat keeps paddlers comfortable. The Pack 12.6 can be paddled with a slightly longer kayak paddle to really give a kayaking feel.

  • Super Lightweight pack Boat
  • Weight: 10.8kgs

Swift Canoe Pack 13.8 Lightweight Pack Boat Style Kayak - UK Supplier Of Lightweight Kayaks & Swift Canoes

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

A light canoe style kayak that is ideal for larger paddlers or paddlers looking to take a good amount of gear with them.

  • Lightweight, efficient hull with comfortable seat
  • Weight: 11.7kgs

Swift Canoe Cruiser 14.8 Lightweight Kayak Style Pack Boat Open Canoe In Lightweight Lamiante Kevlar Fusion - Lightweight Kayaks UK Supplier Norfolk Canoes

Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8

Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8 a light cross between kayak and canoe. Designed with a kayak seat and canoe hull, offering a perfect blend of speed, comfort and lightness - the ideal kayak training boat.

  • Super lightweight pack boat that can be paddled with a kayak paddle
  • Weight: 11.79kgs

Nova Craft Trapper 12 Lightweight Solo Canoe From Norfolk Canoes UK Nova Craft Dealer

Nova Craft Trapper 12 - TuffStuff

A lightweight open canoe that thanks to its shorter length and seat position can be paddled with a kayak paddle, it can also take a backrest to make it even more comfortable.

  • Fantastic solo paddling performance, stable & lightweight
  • Weight: 17.2kg