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Solo Open Canoes

top selling canadian canoes for 1 person to paddle

Nova Craft Trapper 12 in Tuff Stuff is one of our best selling solo open canoes

Nova Craft Trapper 12

High performing solo canoe and only 15kg's

  • Made from Nova Craft's new Tuff Stuff composite material

  • Easy to carry super-lightweight canoe at only 15.5 kg's

  • Fantastic solo canoe paddling performance

The new Nova Craft Fox 14 fast solo open canoe

Nova Craft Fox 14 - Tuff stuff

New lightweight solo canoe

  • Ideal solo touring canoe
  • Single bootlace seat
  • TuffStuff construction with built-in buoyancy compatments
The brilliant hou 13 is a best seller plastic solo open canoe

Hou 13
A mini Prospector-style solo open canoe that's fast and great fun to paddle

  • 3-Layer Polyethylene hull
  • Narrower than the Discovery, the Hou 13 is a fast little boat
  • Superb tracking ability makes covering long distances easy
Old Town Discovery is a popular solo open canoe

Old Town Discovery 119
Tough 3-layer solo open canoe with a large seat and backrest.

  • Contoured plastic seat with adjustable backrest
  • Super-tough 3-layer polyethylene hull
  • Easy to hande and very stable open canoe

Nova Craft StrongBack 14 solo open canoe for sale

Nova Craft StrongBack 14

Superb versatile hull ideal for solo canoeing and whitewater.

  • Ideally suited for a variety of paddling conditions
  • Plenty of storage space and outfitting potential
  • Great for camping trips and expeditions
Old Town Next solo open canoe

Old Town Next

Latest model of solo canoe from Old Town

  • Super-tough 3-layer polyethylene hull
  • Comfortable kayak-style seat
  • Ideal solo canoe for use with a kayak-style paddle

Tandem Canoes that are also great for solo canoeing

All the fun of a solo open canoe but with enough space for kit and even the potential to take a friend along for the ride and share the occasional adventure..

One of the best selling open canoes for solo and tandem paddling is the Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3

Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3

Fantastic, varsatile canoe made from the toughest of materials.

  • Ideal for a solo or tandem canoe
  • 2 comfortable, wood and nylon web seats
  • Great all-round performance from the Prospector hull shape
Silverbirch Broadland 15 DuraLite is a popular lighter plastic canoe made in Norfolk

Silverbirch Broadland 15 - DuraLite

Stable, easy to handle canoe tandem canoe in DuraLite made right here in Norfolk.

  • 2 wood web seats as standard
  • Lighter but also extremely tough
  • Ideal canoe for day trips around The Broads
  • Also great whitewater canoe performance and durability
The Nova Craft Pal is a great canoe for 1 person to paddle

NovaCraft Pal Tuff Stuff and Tuff Stuff Expedition

  • Made from Nova Craft's amazing Tuff Stuff composite material
  • Also available in reinforced Tuff Stuff Expedition
  • Ideal for both calmer waters and whitewater
The Nova Craft Bob Special is our best selling short lightweight tandem open canoe for 1 person to paddle

NovaCraft Bob Special Tuff Stuff and Tuff Stuff Expedition

  • Made from Nova Craft's amazing Tuff Stuff composite material
  • Also available in reinforced Tuff Stuff Expedition
  • Ideal for both calmer waters and whitewater
Lightweight Nova Craft Open Canoes

More Lightweight Open Canoes

Nova Craft make a whole range of canoes from their brilliant Tuff Stuff lightweight material. These canoes are ideal for a wide range of uses from day touring to mulit-day camping trips and expeditions and great for solo canoeing use.



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