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General Purpose, Hybrid & Crossover Kayaks

These are a selection of our most popular General Purpose and Crossover Kayaks available at Norfolk Canoes.
These kayaks are fully capable of everything from gently touring your local waterway, surfing on the sea and dealing with some good white water as well. Ideal for the paddler that wants to do it all but only has the space or budget for a 1 boat solution.

Wavesport Ethos Blackout Crossover Kayak

Wavesport Ethos - WhiteOut Spec

A true hybrid crossover kayak that will to go anywhere and do anything. Superb value for money in the WhiteOut outfitting.

  • Adjustable Bulkhead Footbrace
  • Soft-grip Carry Handles
  • Rear Deck Elastic
  • Skeg System
  • Oval Rear Storage Hatch with Bulkhead
  • Rescue/Security Bar
Dagger Katana Crossover kayak for general purpose kayaking

Dagger Katana - Action Spec

The Katana crossover kayak has been designed for both flat and whitewater paddlers.The Katana really is the best of both worlds.

  • Drop down skeg
  • Large easy access cockpit
  • Large stern storage hatch
  • Adjustable padded thigh braces
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Full plate bulkhead footbrace
  • Mini-Cell Foam sealed rear bulkhead

Premium Outfitting Spec

These crossover and general purpose kayaks have the very best levels of outfitting giving you optimum comfort and connectivity with your kayak to give you the maximum control and performance.

Wavesport Ethos in Core WhiteOut outfitting

Wavesport Ethos - Core WhiteOut

The Wavesport Ethos is a superb crossover kayak offering a stable and forgiving platform.

  • CORE WhiteOut System
  • Rotomolded Play Seat with Adjustable Leglifter
  • Adjustable Padded Trekking Thigh Braces
  • Forward Ratchting Backband
  • Hinged Comfort Carry Hip Pads
  • Tru Track Skeg System
  • Auto-Adjusting Bulkhead Footbrace with Foam Padding
Dagger Katana Preium crossover kayak for sale

Dagger Katana River

The Katana designed to be at home touring and also tearing up whitewater.

  • Features of both touring and white water kayak
  • Full plate footrest
  • Drop down skeg for better flat water tracking
  • High-soec River outfitting gives better comfort and connectivity
  • Great for both flat and whitewater paddling
  • Availabe in 2 sizes to suit a range of paddlers