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Car Roofrack mounted Canoe & Kayak Carriers

Carriers for canoes, kayaks and sit on tops to make transporting you boats on a car roofrack much easier and more secure.

Roofrack Mounted Kayak Carriers

Padded upright bars for kayak transporting on a car roofrack for sale

Upright Bars

Upright bars with pads. Allows you to transport your Kayaks & Sit On Tops on their side while using a car roofrack.

  • Compatible with most standard square profile roof rack bars.
  • Simple to use clamp system.
  • Double loops on the tops for easy securing of straps.
  • Great for kayaks and sit on tops.
Padded Foldable Roofrack Kayak Stacker Bar To Fit T-Track Slots

Foldable Vertical Kayak Stacker - 40cm

A pair of padded foldable vertical kayak stacker supports that are designed to fit into roofbar T-track slots.

  • Padded Foldable vertical bars
  • Fit into T-Track slots
  • Double loops on the tops for easy securing of straps
  • Great for kayaks and sit on tops
Thule 520-1 folding uprights available from Norfolk Canoes

Thule Folding Uprights 520-1

  • Sold in pairs.
  • These kayak stackers can be folded flat when not in use.
  • Sturdy design with a pair of straps to keep one kayak firmly secured.
  • Compatible with Thule Square and Wing Bars.
  • Great for use with kayaks and sit on tops.
Thule Hull-a-Port Aero car roof rack folding lockable kayak carrier

Thule Hull-A-Port Aero 849

  • J-Style kayak carrier.
  • High back folds flat when not in use.
  • Padded cushions cradle and protect your kayak.
  • Locks to your car roofrack.
  • Comes with a pair of Thule straps.
  • Popular model for touring and sea kayaks.
  • Fits Thule WingBar Evo and other bars with T Tracks
  • Compatible with Thule Square bars using adapter.


Thule Hull-a-Port XT Folding J Cradle That Can Also Be a Kayak Stacker Carrier


Thule Hull-A-Port XT kayak carrier

  • Foldable J-Style car roofrack kayak carrier.
  • Padded to cushion your kayak.
  • Easy to load and unload kayaks.
  • Space saving design.
  • Suitable for use with kayaks and sit on tops.
  • Comes with a pair of Thule straps and front & rear tie downs.
  • Fits Thule Square Bars, Wingbar & Wingbar Evos.
Thule Hullavator Pro 898 Side Kayak and Canoe Loader for car roofracks

Thule Hullavator Pro 898 kayak carrier

  • Perhaps the ultimate in kayak carriers for car roofracks.
  • Thule's top of the range loading system for easy car topping of kayaks.
  • Gas-assisted struts lift 40lbs of the kayak weight.
  • Load kayaks to the side of your car more easily at waist height.
  • Compatible with Thule Pro Bars only.
Thule 895 DockGrip Car Roofrack Kayak Carrier

Thule 895 DockGrip kayak carrier

  • Four adjustable, cushioned rubber pads.
  • Powerful straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Easy to mount on Thule Bars with T-Track.
  • Compatible with Thule Square bars (using 8897 Adapter).
  • Great for transporting kayaks and sit on tops.
Thule 896 DockGlide Car Roofrack Kayak Carrier

Thule 896 DockGlide kayak carrier

  • Four adjustable pads.
  • Rear pads are smooth to facilitate loading and unloading.
  • Powerful straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Easy to mount on Thule Bars with T-Track
  • Compatible with Thule Square bars (using 8897 Adapter).

Open Canoe Roofrack Carriers

Thule 579 canoe carrier for car roof racks

Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier

  • Set of 4 padded feet for your car roofrack.
  • Feet prevent the sideways movement of canoes during transport.
  • Carries one open canoe.
  • Sturdy straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Also includes the Thule Quickdraw system.
  • Perfect for securely transporting your canadian canoe over long distances.

Racing Kayak Car Roofrack Carriers

V Bars for transporting racing kayaks

V Bars for carrying racing kayaks

  • A set of V bars for racing kayaks such as K1 and K2.
  • Powder coated steel construction.
  • Padded to protect your kayak.
  • Attaches to your roofrack using standard U Bolts.
  • Length 210cm.

Popular Canoe & Kayak Carrier Accessories

Load Assister Arm for kayak loading onto a car roofrack

Load Assister roofrack arm

Easy to install and simple to use loading arm that takes much of the effort out of loading a canoe or kayak onto a car roof rack.

  • Loads canoe or kayak from side of car not rear.
  • Clamps to existing roof rack bars.
  • Fits standard roof bars up to 30mm wide.
Thule Quickdraw 838

Thule QuickDraw straps 838

Ratchet attachments to secure bow and stern of your canoe or kayak to your car.

  • Sold in a set of 2.
  • Easy to use with hook attachment points.
  • A great piece of kit especially for use with long canoes, touring and sea kayaks.
  • Stops you being dependent on just straps around the roof rack.
Pairs Of 3 And 5 Metre Car Roofrack Straps

3m & 5m Kayak Straps

High quality 3m & 5m straps for securing canoes & kayaks to car roofracks.

Sold In Pairs.

  • 3 and 5m lengths available - SOLD IN PAIRS
  • Neoprene backed buckles secure and protect
  • Strong and very easy to use

Thule locking car roofrack straps for canoe and kayak transport

Thule Locking Straps 841

A pair of 4m high quality car roofrack straps with steel core, each with individual barrel locking mechanism for extra security.

  • Pair of 4m straps with Steel core .
  • Straps can be tightened even when locked.
  • Ideal length for both canoes and kayaks.
Rack Guard Visual Deterrent For Transporting Kayaks

Rack Guard

Designed to keep your kayaks safe without needing a padlock through the use of the large red plastic ball.

  • Thread through kayaks and either car window or door
  • 4mm plastic coated high strength steel cable
  • Peace of mind and also great visual deterrent.

Car Roofrack Pads For Protecting Canoes And Kayaks During Transport

Car Roof Rack Pads - 40 & 80cm

Cushion the contact of your boat against your roof bars and protect the finish on your kayak or canoe.

  • Compatible with Thule Square roofrack bars.
  • Protects your kayak & canoe during transport.
  • Sold in paris in both 40cm & 80cm lengths.

Palm Padded 80cm Car Roofrack Pads For Sale

Palm Roof Rack Pads - 50 & 80cm Pairs

Padded roofrack cushioning that's great for wider roofrack bars.

  • Compatible with Thule Square and profiled bars.
  • Protects your kayak and canoe during transport.
  • Sold in paris of either 50 or 80cm lengths.

Canoe & Kayak Storage Accessories

Storage and Accessories

  • Car Roofrack Straps for securing canoes & kayaks.
  • Kayak wall mounting bracket.
  • Floor storage options.