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Car Roofrack mounted Canoe & Kayak Carriers

Carriers for canoes, kayaks and sit on tops to make transporting you boats on a car roofrack much easier and more secure.

Roofrack Mounted Kayak Carriers

Padded upright bars for kayak transporting on a car roofrack for sale

Upright Bars

Upright bars with pads. Allows you to transport your Kayaks & Sit On Tops on their side while using a car roofrack.

  • Compatible with most standard square profile roof rack bars.
  • Simple to use clamp system.
  • Double loops on the tops for easy securing of straps.
  • Great for kayaks and sit on tops.
Padded Foldable Roofrack Kayak Stacker Bar To Fit T-Track Slots

Foldable Vertical Kayak Stacker - 40cm

A pair of padded foldable vertical kayak stacker supports that are designed to fit into roofbar T-track slots.

  • Padded Foldable vertical bars
  • Fit into T-Track slots
  • Double loops on the tops for easy securing of straps
  • Great for kayaks and sit on tops
Thule 520-1 folding uprights available from Norfolk Canoes

Thule Folding Uprights 520-1

  • Sold in pairs.
  • These kayak stackers can be folded flat when not in use.
  • Sturdy design with a pair of straps to keep one kayak firmly secured.
  • Compatible with Thule Square and Wing Bars.
  • Great for use with kayaks and sit on tops.
Kajak Sport J-Carrier Kayak Roofrack Transport

Kajak Sport J-Carrier

  • J-Cradle style kayak carrier.
  • Padded cushions cradle and protect your kayak.
  • Easy to fit to a roofrack.
  • Perfect for touring and sea kayaks.
  • Fits Thule Wingbar, Aerobar & Squarebar
Thule Hull-a-Port XTR Car RoofRack Folding J-Carrier 1 Or 2 Kayak Transport

Thule Hull-A-Port XTR 848

  • J-Style kayak carrier.
  • Dual position design to transform into kayak stacker.
  • Upright folds flat when not in use.
  • Universal mounting fits all roof bars upto 80.5mm wide
  • Comes with a pair of Thule straps.
  • Popular model for all types of kayak.
  • Supports one boat up 34kgs or 2 kayaks upto 58kgs
Thule Hull-a-Port Aero car roof rack folding lockable kayak carrier

Thule Hull-A-Port Aero 849

  • J-Style kayak carrier.
  • High back folds flat when not in use.
  • Padded cushions cradle and protect your kayak.
  • Locks to your car roofrack.
  • Comes with a pair of Thule straps.
  • Popular model for touring and sea kayaks.
  • Fits Thule WingBar Evo and other bars with T Tracks
  • Compatible with Thule Square bars using adapter.
Thule Hullavator Pro 898 Side Kayak and Canoe Loader for car roofracks

Thule Hullavator Pro 898 kayak carrier

  • Perhaps the ultimate in kayak carriers for car roofracks.
  • Thule's top of the range loading system for easy car topping of kayaks.
  • Gas-assisted struts lift 40lbs of the kayak weight.
  • Load kayaks to the side of your car more easily at waist height.
Thule SUP Taxi XT 810 Stand Up Paddleboard Roofrack Carrier

Thule SUP Taxi XT

  • Soft Weather Resistant Padding To Protects SUPs
  • Telescoping Design For Custom Fit
  • Board Widths Up To 34” Wide
  • Push Button Lock System For Quick & Easy Locking Strap Operation Security
  • Heavy-duty Steel Reinforced Webbing, Easy To Use Locking Cam Straps
  • Fit Thule Square Bars, WingBars & WingBar Evo
Thule 895 DockGrip Car Roofrack Kayak Carrier

Thule 895 DockGrip kayak carrier

  • Four adjustable, cushioned rubber pads.
  • Powerful straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Easy to mount on Thule Bars with T-Track.
  • Compatible with Thule Square bars (using 8897 Adapter).
  • Great for transporting kayaks and sit on tops.
Thule 896 DockGlide Car Roofrack Kayak Carrier

Thule 896 DockGlide kayak carrier

  • Four adjustable pads.
  • Rear pads are smooth to facilitate loading and unloading.
  • Powerful straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Easy to mount on Thule Bars with T-Track
  • Compatible with Thule Square bars (using 8897 Adapter).

Open Canoe Roofrack Carriers

Thule 579 canoe carrier for car roof racks

Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier

  • Set of 4 padded feet for your car roofrack.
  • Feet prevent the sideways movement of canoes during transport.
  • Carries one open canoe.
  • Sturdy straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Also includes the Thule Quickdraw system.
  • Perfect for securely transporting your canadian canoe over long distances.

Racing Kayak Car Roofrack Carriers

V Bars for transporting racing kayaks

V Bars for carrying racing kayaks

  • A set of V bars for racing kayaks such as K1 and K2.
  • Powder coated steel construction.
  • Padded to protect your kayak.
  • Attaches to your roofrack using standard U Bolts.
  • Length 210cm.

Popular Canoe & Kayak Carrier Accessories

Load Assister Arm For Kayak Loading Onto Car Roofracks

Load Assister roofrack arm

Easy to install and simple to use loading arm that takes much of the effort out of loading a canoe or kayak onto a car roof rack.

  • Loads canoe or kayak from side of car not rear.
  • Clamps to existing roof rack bars.
  • Fits standard roof bars up to 30mm wide.
Wing Bar Compatible Load Assister Bar For Kayak Loading From Rhino-Racks

Rhino-Rack Universal Kayak Side Loader Bar

This side loader bar is designed to be super easy to use when loading your kayak, canoe or SUP. Compatible with Thule WingBar profiled roofracks and featuring a support pole for loads greater than 20kgs (Max 60kg).

  • Clamps to suit all popular roof racks
  • Includes support pole
  • Integrated load stop prevents load from sliding off the bar
Thule Quickdraw 838

Thule QuickDraw straps 838

Ratchet attachments to secure bow and stern of your canoe or kayak to your car.

  • Sold in a set of 2.
  • Easy to use with hook attachment points.
  • A great piece of kit especially for use with long canoes, touring and sea kayaks.
  • Stops you being dependent on just straps around the roof rack.
Pairs Of 3 And 5 Metre Car Roofrack Straps

3m & 5m Kayak Straps

High quality 3m & 5m straps for securing canoes & kayaks to car roofracks.

Sold In Pairs.

  • 3 and 5m lengths available - SOLD IN PAIRS
  • Neoprene backed buckles secure and protect
  • Strong and very easy to use

Thule locking car roofrack straps for canoe and kayak transport

Thule Locking Straps - 841

A pair of 4m high quality car roofrack straps with steel core, each with individual barrel locking mechanism for extra security.

  • Pair of 4m straps with Steel core .
  • Straps can be tightened even when locked.
  • Ideal length for both canoes and kayaks.
Kajak Sport Transport Rear Flag Canoe & Kayak

Kajak Sport Canoe & Kayak Rear Safety Flag

A high-vis safety flag designed to be attached to the rear of your canoe or kayak when transporting.

  • High-vis flag
  • Designed for over hanging canoes or kayaks
  • Rear transportation marker

Kayak Security Cable For Kayaks, Sit On Tops & Stand Up Paddle Boards On Car Roofracks

Beluga Security Cable

Designed to keep your kayaks safe without needing a padlock, simply use the kayak security cable to wrap through your kayak and put the large red plastic ball in the car door.

  • Thread through kayaks & either car window or door
  • 4mm plastic coated high strength steel cable
  • Peace of mind and also great visual deterrent.

Car Roofrack Pads For Protecting Canoes And Kayaks During Transport

Car Roof Rack Pads - 40 & 80cm

Cushion the contact of your boat against your roof bars and protect the finish on your kayak or canoe.

  • Compatible with Thule SquareBars
  • 40cm or 80cm Available
  • Sold in Pairs

Palm Padded 80cm Car Roofrack Pads For Sale

Palm Roof Rack Pads - 50 & 80cm Pairs

Padded roofrack cushioning that's great for wider roofrack bars.

  • Compatible with Thule Square or Wingbars.
  • 50cm or 80cm Pads Available
  • Sold in Pairs

Thule Surf Pads To Protect Kayaks & Canoes On Roof Bars

Thule Roofrack Pads

Thule roofrack surf pads are designed to offer additional protection to your canoe or kayak when strapped on your roofrack.

  • High density foam with hard-wearing nylon
  • Available to fit either Thule Wingbars or Square Bars
  • Available in 2 sizes (full or half length)

Canoe & Kayak Storage Accessories

Storage and Accessories

  • Car Roofrack Straps for securing canoes & kayaks.
  • Kayak wall mounting bracket.
  • Floor storage options.