Kayak Spraydecks

Nylon & Neoprene Spraydecks For Recreation, Touring, Sea & White Water

Spraydecks for kayaking, also known as splash decks, spray skirts and splash covers are worn around the waist and attached to the cockpit of your kayak. Spraydecks are designed to help stop water getting into the kayak and keep you drier and more comfortable.

There are several different styles of spraydecks designed for different types of kayaking. Nylon material spraydecks are ideal for beginners and recreational paddling, neoprene decks are perfect for whitewater kayaks, and combination decks are great for touring and sea kayaking.

You need to make sure you are buying the right size of spraydeck for your kayak - some makes and models have their own specific spraydeck. You can also get cockpit covers to protect your kayak during transport.

Nylon and Recreational Kayaking Spraydecks for sale

Nylon & Recreational Spraydecks

Nylon spraydecks are lightweight and are easy to put on and take off. Ideal for those new to the sport and for recreational paddling.

  • Simple to use spraydecks
  • Easier to get on and off than neoprene
  • Adjustable waist tubes
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different kayaks
Touring and Sea Kayak Spraydecks for sale

Touring & Sea Kayak Spraydecks

Touring spraydecks are often a combination of a neoprene deck with a nylon waist tube. Perfect for touring the Norfolk Broads and Sea Kayaking.

  • Best of both worlds
  • Neoprene deck with a nylon waist tube
  • Great for sea and touring kayaks
  • Adjustable waist tubes with braces
Neoprene Spraydecks for Whitewater Kayaking for sale

Whitewater Neoprene Spraydecks

Neoprene Spray decks are ideal for White Water Kayaking. They keep most of the water out and some some will have extra grip to keep the deck on.

  • Neoprene spraydecks that give a tight fit
  • Ideal for use with all form of whitewater kayaks
  • Available in a rage of sizes
  • Different waist sizes
Kayak Cockpit Covers For Transporting or Storing Sit Inside Kayaks For Sale At Norfolk Canoes

Cockpit Covers

Cockpit Covers are a good way to protect the inside of your kayak when stored or when transporting.

  • Ideal for when transporting a kayak on a car roofrack
  • Help keep your kayak safely stored
  • Available in nylon and neoprene materials