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Recreational Kayak Paddles

Sit On Top Kayak & Rec Sit Inside Kayak Paddles

A range of kayak double bladed paddles with alloy, fibreglass or carbon shafts in one & two parts some of which offer angle and length adjustment.

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FeelFree Day Tour Glass Kayak Paddle for sale

FeelFree Day Tour Alloy

Tough, asymmetrical polypropylene blades on a one piece alloy shaft. A good all-round Recreational & Touring paddle

  • Great Entry Level Paddle
  • Optional 2 Part Shaft - With Left/Right Hand Adjustment
  • Tough & Durable Design
FeelFree Day Tour Glass Kayak Paddle

FeelFree Day Tour Glass

Tough, asymmetrical polypropylene blades on a one piece glass fibre shaft. A good all-round Recreational & Touring paddle.

  • Asymmetric blade designs
  • Optional 2 Part Version - With Left/Right Hand Adjustment
  • Lightweight fibreglass shaft
Boreal Designs Tour Carbon Shaft 2 Part Adjustable Length 225-235cm With Adjustable Angle Kayak Paddle For Sale At Norfolk Canoes

Boreal Design Tour Carbon

A lightweight 2 part carbon shaft paddle with length and angle adjustment, ideal for touring, sea, large cockpit and sit on top kayak paddlers.

  • Adjustable Length 225-235cm
  • Carbon 2 Part Shaft
  • Adjustable Angle
Streamlyte Kinetic Foundation Mid Range Touring and Sea Paddle 1 Part Shaft

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour - Foundation

Designed for paddlers wanting to take a slight step up from an entry level paddle getting a paddle that is lighter weight with a blade reinforcement.

  • Fibreglass 1 part Shaft
  • Reinforced Blades With Short Glass Fibres
  • 60 Degree Blade Feather

Vibe Ember Carbon Shaft 2 Part Paddle With Long Length Adjustment 240cm - 250cm - 260cm Perfect For Kayaks, Canoes & Packboats From Norfolk Canoes UK

Vibe Ember Carbon Shaft Paddle

A lightweight durable 2 part paddle with a Carbon fibre Shaft that's has angle adjustment as well as a long length adjustable shaft with a range of 240cm - 260cm this makes it perfect for kayaks, canoes, pack boats and wider fishing sit on tops.

  • Carbon Fibre Shaft
  • Adjustable Long Length Paddle 240cm - 260cm
  • Adjustable Blade Feather
  • Perfect For Kayaks, Canoes & Packboats
Enigma Code 2 Part Adjustable Carbon Shaft Touring and Sea Kayaking Paddle

Enigma Code - Red

A lightweight adjustable kayak paddle with a mid-sized blade perfect for touring & sea paddlers with a mid to high angle paddle stroke.

  • Oval Carbon Shaft
  • Lightweight Fibreglass Blades
  • Adjustable Blade Angle
  • Adjustable Length

Kids Paddles

Ruk Squid Kids kayak paddle for sale

Ruk Squid Kids Kayak Paddle

A great paddle for the money, the Ruk Squid Kids Kayak Paddle is stylish, efficient and ideal for sit on and sit in kayaks.

  • Kids Specific 28mm Diameter Shaft
  • TOugh Asymmetric Polyethylene Blades
  • Length: 185cm