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Fishing Sit On Top Kayaks

Recreational Fishing Sit on top kayaks

These fishing sit on top kayaks are short, light and easy to get on and off a car and to the water. They are ideal for occasional fishing trips and holiday use. Perfect for those looking to get into kayak fishing on a budget.

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler Fishing Sit On Top Kayak Cheap Deluxe Package For Sale

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler - Deluxe Package

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler from is a short, lightweight fishing kayak with bags of features at an amazing affordable package price. A great choice for fishing and paddling on a range of calmer waters.

Deluxe Package:
Feelfree Moken 10 Lite sit on top kayak is easy to lift

Feelfree Moken 10 Lite

Lighter sit on top with similar stability and features of the Moken 10.

  • A lighter more nimble version of the moken 10.
  • 2 flush mounted rod holders with slide track for accessories.
  • Wheel in the keel for easy transport over hard ground.
Viking Kayaks Profish 35 Small Lightweight Fishing Sit On Top Kayak

Viking Kayaks Profish 35

The Viking Kayaks Profish 35 is a small lightweight fishing sit on top kayak that is easy to handle both on and off the water.

  • Perfect for light costal waters, esturies and inland paddling
  • Centre storage well with lid
  • 4 x Rod holders
Feelfree Moken 10 Super Stable Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

Feel Free Moken 10 Angler V2

The Feelfree Moken 10 Angler V2 fishing sit on top is a short and incredibly stable fishing kayak.

  • Perfect For Short Fishing Trips
  • The Most Stable Sit On Top Fishing Kayak For Larger Paddlers
  • Features A Wheel In The Keel For Easy Moving To & From The Water
Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 10 Fishing Sit On Top Kayak Affordable Package For Sale

Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 10 - Deluxe Package

The Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 10 is a lightweight, compact fishing kayak packed full of useful angling features. Deluxe package availalbe including seat & paddle.


All-Round fishing sit on top kayaks

Longer, faster kayaks with more storage, deck features and able to cope with extended river, lake and sea fishing trips. These sit on tops are for more than just the occasional angler.

Feelfree Moken 12 fishing kayak

Feelfree Moken 12

The Moken 12 fast and stable, great value for money sit on top fishing kayak.

  • Excellent on the water performance.
  • A great combination of speed and stability
  • Wheel built into the keel for easy hard ground wheeling
Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 12 With Rudder Deluxe Package With Paddle & Seat For Sale Cheap

Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 12

This is a feature-rich 12ft fishing sit on top kayak at a brilliant affordable price. The Enigma Kayaks Fishing Pro 12 with rudder has all the same great features of the Fishing Pro 10 in a longer, more efficient hull design.

Feelfree Moken 12.5 is a great sit on top for kayak fishing

Feelfree Moken 12.5 V2 Angler

The Moken 12.5 V2 is a superb stable and super comfy sit on top kayak for fishing.

  • Super stable yet still easy to manoeuvre and packed with storage.
  • Includes rod holders, wheel in the keel and Adjustable Seating System.
  • Moken 12.5 is ideal for fishing the Norfolk Broads
Perception Triumph 13 fast sit on top for kayak fishing

Perception Triumph 13 Comfort

Superb design and a great paddle to boot. Ideal as a fishing kayak.

  • A real paddler's kayak, fast, stable and a pleasure to paddle
  • Plenty of storage in the front hatch and rear tank.
  • Easy installation of rod holders and other accessories
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 comfortable short sit on top fishing kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

A superb sit on top kayak designed for maximum comfort and versatility.

  • Excellent tracking capability and quick to turn.
  • Includes the superb Air Pro adjustable seating system.
  • Can be easily fitted with rod holders and fishing accessories.
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 is a very popular sit on top kayak for fishing

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

Great for larger paddlers or those wanting a bit more storage and speed.

  • Excellent speed and stability perfect for fishing on rivers and sea.
  • Can be easily fitted with rod holders and fishing accessories.
  • Included's the Air Pro adjustable seating system.

Specialist fishing kayaks

These fishing kayaks have special features that experience anglers will appreciate. They may have different seats, be dedicated to freshwater fishing, be faster, cope with more surf than others or have a pedal drive to keep your hands free.

Seastream Angler 120 PD Pedal Drive Fishing Sit On Top Kayak

Seastream Angler 120 PD

A brilliantly equipped pedal drive fishing sit on top kayak with a stable & efficient hull design, this kayak is great for inland & costal waters

  • Rapid Propeller Pedal Drive
  • EZ Rider Multi-Position & Height Adjustable Seat
  • Stable & efficient hull design
Feelfree Flash PD Fast Pedal Drive Fishing Sit On Top Kayak

Feelfree Flash PD

A fast, stable and super comfortable pedal drive sit on top kayak that can be used for both recreational pedaling and or fishing. Featuring Feelfree's Easy Rider Seating System & Rapid Drive Pedal System.

  • Easy Rider Seating System
  • Rapid Drive Pedal System
  • Wheel In The Keel
Feelfree Lure Overdrive motor drive fishing kayak

Feelfree Lure Overdrive

New pedal and electric motor driven fishing kayak

  • Available with Pedal Drive and Electric motor
  • Incredibly stable platform for kayak fishing
  • Comfortable, adjustable Gravity seat.
Feelfree Lure stable fishing sit on top kayak

Feelfree Lure 10 V2 and 11.5 V2

Probably the most stable recreational fishing kayak on the market.

  • Specifically designed for the freshwater kayak fisherman.
  • Features the new Gravity seat for maximum comfort while fishing.
  • Designed to be stable enough to stand up cast from.
Viking Profish Reload fishing sit on top kayak

Viking Profish Reload

Feature-packed high performing fishing sit on top kayak.

  • Fast, stable fishing kayak
  • Easy to use and ideal for all levels of kayak fisherman
  • Plenty of storage and outfitting accessories
Jonny Boats Bass 100 Fishing Boat that can take an outboard motor and go on a car roof rack. Join the newest way of getting out on the water

Jonny Boats Bass 100

The newest way of getting on the water with an Outboard Motor. This kayak is not only car toppable like a kayak, it allows you to have powered on the water propulsion.

  • Customisable options to make this boat your own
  • Can take upto a 2.5hp outboard petrol or 3hp electric motor
  • Car toppable solo fishing boat
Viking Profish 400 Lite sit on top fishing kayak

Viking Profish 400 Lite

Stable but lightweight fishing kayak, confidence and performance for the kayak fishing enthusiast.

  • Lightweight at only 25kgs
  • Perfect for paddling on rivers and for family summer beach days.
  • Ideal first kayak for kids and adults alike.
Viking Kayaks 2+1 Tandem Family Sit On Top Kayak

Viking Kayaks 2+1

The Viking 2+1 sit on top kayak perfect for 2 adults and 1 small child. This comfortable tandem kayak is a brilliant option for family paddling as well as solo days out on the water.

  • Perfect for family fun days on the water
  • 3 Seating Areas
  • Front & rear carry handles
Viking Profish GT fishing kayak

Viking Profish GT

Short sit on top with great stability and features for fishing and fun

  • Highly maneuvrable, stable
  • Compatible with the Viking Kid Pod
  • Great for family fun and adventures
RTM Tempo Angler fishing kayak

RTM Tempo Angler

Fast and agile with a sleek look similar to the old Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro.

  • The RTM Tempo Angler is fast and a great kayak for fishing.
  • Large front storage hatch and rear storage netted tank.
  • Available in the Limited Edition Anthracite colour scheme.

Hobie Fishing Kayaks

The ultimate fishing sit on top kayak, Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks are unrivalled meaning you never have to put your rod down. Casting, striking, trolling and recovery are all faster making you a much more efficient kayak fisherman.

Hobie Compass fishing sit on top kayak

Hobie Mirage Compass

Latest model to come from Hobie kayaks.

  • Enrty-level model with Mirage 180 drive
  • Great platform for kayak fishing
  • Short and easy to handle on and off the water
Limited Edition Hobie Outback pedal drive fishing kayak

Hobie Mirage Outback

Hobie have taken the ever popular Hobie Mirage Outback and completely redesigned it. With all the new improvements Hobie have made the Hobie Mirage Outback is going to be even more popular amongst kayak fishermen now!

Hobie Revolution 13 mirage drive fishing sit on top kayak

Hobie Revolution 13

Perhaps the most versatile Hobie fishing sit on top.

  • A great combination of speed, stability and maneuvrability
  • Plenty of carrying capacity and storage space
  • Great for both freshwater and sea kayak fishing
Hobie Pro Angler 12 and 14 fihsing sit on top kayak

Hobie Pro Angler 12 & 14

Incredible stable platform for kayak fishing

  • The ultimate in stable fishing kayak platforms
  • Ideally designed for freshwater fishing
  • Comfortable Vantage seat and 180 mirage Drive included

Tandem fishing kayaks

Fishing with a friend or family member is great fun - share the experience with one of our 2 or 3 person sit on top kayaks.

Feelfree Juntos sit on top can also be used as a fishing kayak

Feelfree Juntos

A family fun design, this kayak has all the performance in one package.

  • Additional space/seat on the front for a child or pet.
  • A super stable kayak so everyone feels safe.
  • Built in wheel in the keel for hard ground transportation to the water.
Feelfree Gemini Sport can be outfitted to become a fishing sit on top kayak

Feelfree Gemini Sport

The Gemini Sport offers flexible seating options thanks to a centre seat.

  • It can be paddled tandem, solo or tandem and child.
  • Available in 2 packages including almost everything you will need.
  • Built in Wheel in the keel and room for flush mounted rod holders.

Fishing Kayak Equipment

Equipment for fishing kayak sit on tops

Outfitting Your Fishing Sit On Top Kayak

Customise your fishing sit-on-top kayak with our great range of accessories.