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Paddles for Canoeing & Kayaking

Whether you have an open canoe, sit on top, sea kayak or inflatable, we're sure to have a paddle to suit.

A good paddle can make all the difference to you in your canoe or kayak.

If you can't find what you are looking for or you're unsure which to choose, give us a call:

Tel: 01603 747139 or Email: Sales@norfolk-canoes.co.uk

Paddles for Recreationsl and Sit On Top Kayakingfor sale

Recreational & Sit On Top Paddles

For use with sit on tops, inflatables and general recreational touring kayaks. Hard-wearing made from tough, quality materials at a great price.

  • Efficient asymmetric blade designs
  • Hard-wearing made from tough materials
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for a variety of kayaks, sit on tops and inflatables


Open Canoe Paddles for Sale

Open Canoe Paddles

We have a wide range of open canoe paddles for use in shallow and deeper waters with all types of canoes.

  • Tough, alloy canoe paddles that are great value for money

  • Beautifully crafted wooden canoe paddles

  • Available in a variety of lengths

  • Shallow and deep water designs available



Sea and Touring Kayak Paddles for sale from Norfolk Canoes

Touring & Sea Kayak Paddles

Designed to be more efficient over long distances. Light-weight construction and paddle blades that deliver plenty of grab and power.

  • Efficient asymmetric blade designs
  • Many in 2 piece, feather adjustable shaft
  • Lightweight materials used in many paddles
  • Go further, faster and with less effort


White Water Kayak Paddles Available for Collection or Delivery Around the Uk

White Water & Surf Kayak Paddles

Really tough construction with shorter shaft lengths and featuring blades with larger surface areas to deliver all the grab you need when making big moves.

  • Tough construction for white water use

  • Available in a range of lengths

  • A variety of paddles from beginner to expert

  • Improved control and performance



Inflatable Canoe & Kayak Paddles For Sale from Norfolk Canoes near Cambridgeshire

Inflatable Kayak Paddles

General purpose paddles that are ideal for use with inflatables. Also includes some split paddles.

  • Space-saving paddles that break down for easy transport

  • Great value budget canoe and kayak paddles

  • Single and double blade paddles available

  • Combi paddles that can be single or double blade style



Children and Junior canoe and kayak Paddles for Sale from Norfolk Canoes near Cambridge

Children & Junior Paddles

Kids paddles that are designed specifically with the smaller paddler in mind.

  • Kids paddles for both canoeing and kayaking

  • Smaller for kids, but still excellent paddles

  • Hard-wearing material construction

  • Great designs to get kids involved with paddling



Kayak Split & Emergency Paddles for Sale from Norfolk Canoes near Cambridge

Split/Emergency Kayak Paddles

2, 3 and 4 piece paddles for both white water and touring kayaks. Essential safety item should you ever break or lose your main paddle

  • A good emergency paddle can be a life-saver

  • Split 2, 3 and 4 part paddles available

  • Touring, sea and white water kayak paddles available



Canoe and Kayak Paddle Bag For Sale From Norfolk Canoes near Cambridge

Paddle Accessories

From paddle leashes to storage bags and paddle floats.

  • Paddle Bags for storage and transport

  • Paddle lashes

  • On deck emergency paddle storage solutions

  • Paddle floats for self rescues





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