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Canoe and kayak paddles

Whether you have an open canoe, sit on top, sea kayak or inflatable, we're sure to have a paddle to suit.

A good paddle can really make all the difference to enjoying a day out exploring the water in your canoe or kayak.

If you can't find what you are looking for or you're unsure which to choose, give us a call:

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Paddles for Recreational and Sit On Top Kayaks

Recreational & Sit On Top kayak Paddles

For use with sit on tops and general recreational touring kayaks. Hard-wearing made from tough, quality materials at a great price.

  • Efficient asymmetric blade designs
  • Hard-wearing made from tough materials
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for a variety of kayaks, sit on tops and inflatables


Open Canoe Paddles

Open Canoe Paddles

We have a wide range of open canoe paddles for use in shallow and deeper waters with all types of canoes.

  • Tough, alloy canoe paddles that are great value for money

  • Beautifully crafted wooden canoe paddles

  • Available in a variety of lengths

  • Shallow and deep water designs available



Sea and Touring Kayak Paddles

Touring & Sea Kayak Paddles

Designed to be more efficient over long distances. Light-weight construction and paddle blades that deliver plenty of grab and power.

  • Efficient asymmetric blade designs
  • Many in 2 piece, feather adjustable shaft
  • Lightweight materials used in many paddles
  • Go further, faster and with less effort


White Water Kayak Paddles

White Water & Surf Kayak Paddles

Really tough construction with shorter shaft lengths and featuring blades with larger surface areas to deliver all the grab you need when making big moves.

  • Tough construction for white water use

  • Available in a range of lengths

  • A variety of paddles from beginner to expert

  • Improved control and performance



Inflatable Canoe & Kayak Paddles

Inflatable Kayak Paddles

Split paddles that are ideal for use with inflatables as they are easier to store and transport.

  • Space-saving paddles that break down for easy transport

  • Great value budget canoe and kayak paddles

  • Single and double blade paddles available

  • Combi paddles that can be single or double blade style



Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

SUP Paddles

Adjustable, 1, 2 and 3 piece stand up paddle board paddles to suit a variety of budgets.

  • Werner SUP paddles

  • Adjustable length shafts

  • 2 and 3 piece SUP paddles available for easy storage and transportation



Children and Junior canoe and kayak Paddles

Children & Junior Paddles

Kids paddles that are designed specifically with the smaller paddler in mind.

  • Kids paddles for both canoeing and kayaking

  • Smaller for kids, but still excellent paddles

  • Hard-wearing material construction

  • Great designs to get kids involved with paddling



Kayak Split & Emergency Paddles

Split/Emergency Kayak Paddles

2, 3 and 4 piece paddles for both white water and touring kayaks. Essential safety item should you ever break or lose your main paddle

  • A good emergency paddle can be a life-saver

  • Split 2, 3 and 4 part paddles available

  • Touring, sea and white water kayak paddles available



Canoe and Kayak Paddle Bags and accessories For Sale

Paddle Accessories

From paddle leashes to storage bags and paddle floats.

  • Paddle Bags for storage and transport

  • Paddle lashes

  • On deck emergency paddle storage solutions

  • Paddle floats for self rescues





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