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Inflatable Canoe & Kayak Paddles

Split and 2 piece Paddles Suitable For Inflatable Kayaks and canoes

Space saving canoe and kayak paddles for use with inflatable boats. Easy to store and transport.

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A great basic kayak paddle to use with inflatable canoes

Bravo 5 piece Leisure Paddle

A robust and affordable paddle that breaks down into 5 pieces. Paddle shaft sections are aluminium, and the blades and joints are plastic.

  • Aluminium paddle shafts
  • Plasic blades and joint sections
  • Breaks down into 5 pieces
  • Overall Length: 225cm



FeelFree Day Tour Glass Inflatable Kayak Paddle from Norfolk Canoes

FeelFree Day Tour Alloy 2 piece

Tough, asymmetrical polypropylene blades on a one piece alloy shaft. A good all-round paddle for inflatable kayaks.

  • Great value for money kayak paddle
  • Available in one and 2 piece models
  • Bright white blades
  • Overall length 220cm


Distance 2 piece Paddles are ideal for use with inflatable canoes and kayaks

Riot Distance 2 Piece Paddle

2 piece paddle with alloy shaft & asymmetric plastic blades. Light weight & efficient, comfortable to use with inflatable canoes and kayaks

  • Plastic sculptured blades
  • Clamp joint allows feather angle adjustment
  • Tough Alloy Shaft with adjustable Drip Rings
  • Overall Length 220cm
Convertible canoe / kayak paddle that's great for use with inflatable boats.

Bravo Convertible Canoe / Kayak

A great option for inflatable canoe owners, this can go from being a single double bladed kayak paddle to 2 single blade canoe paddles.

  • As single blade canoe paddles - 150cm overall length
  • As double bladed kayak paddle - 215cm overall length
  • Four piece construction
  • Tough Alloy Shaft & Polypropylene blades


FeelFree Day Tour Glass Kayak Paddle for use with inflatable kayaks

FeelFree Day Tour Glass 2 Piece

Tough, asymmetrical polypropylene blades on a one piece glass fibre shaft. A good all-round inflatable kayak paddle.

  • Efficient asymmetric blade designs
  • Option of a 2 piece, left or right hand adjustable shaft
  • Lighter fibreglass shaft
  • Overall Length 220cm




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