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Touring Kayaks for sale

Touring Kayaks


Touring kayaks are perfect for days exploring rivers, lakes, the Norfolk Broads and depending on size even some light sea work. Ranging is size from 10.5ft all the way to 17ft they make covering distance easier, and keep you drier sat inside than a sit on top does. Touring kayaks are also available in a range of tandem touring kayaks which can be found on our touring kayak pages.

Crossover Kayaks are Perfect For White Water Or Some flat water Touring

Crossover Kayaks


Crossover kayaks are the do everything go anywhere kind of boats. Dealing with up to grade 3 whitewater allows the fun element of white water kayaking. Cross over kayaks also have a drop down skeg in the rear to allow for some easy touring as well.

White Water Kayaks for sale

White Water Kayaks


White water kayaks come in all different shape and sizes from; river running down river kayaks to big volume creek kayaks, play boats for tricks and flips to crossovers for those who want to do everything from white water to light touring work.


Sea Kayaks are a great way to get out on the water and explore the coastlines with added surfing fun.

Sea kayaks


Sea Kayaks are some of the longest and fastest kayaks you will find, built in all kinds of materials the most popular being plastic or composite. These are great for costal touring as well as having great fun surfing and rock hopping.

Kids Kayaks and Sit on Tops for sale

Kids Kayaks


Getting kids on the water in a kayak is a great way to encourage them to exercise and build a stronger family relationship. Our range of specific kids kayaks and sit on tops are ideal for taking those first steps in a correct sized kayak.


Iinflatable kayaks and canoes for sale

Inflatable Kayaks


Inflatable Kayaks are an excellent alternative if you are short on storage space or transport as these can be stored in a small space when not being used and can be transported in the car boot. Inflatable kayaks are great to get out on the water and due to being very stable give confidence to paddle.

Kayak equimpent including paddles

Paddles and Equipment


Having the right paddle and equipment is very important from both a safety aspect when rescuing others or keeping yourself safe. As well as an enjoyment aspect having things like a lightweight efficient paddle certainly makes kayaking more enjoyable.

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