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Dagger Whitewater, Crossover & Touring Kayaks For Sale

Dagger Kayaks For Sale

Dagger manufacture some superb models of kayaks suitable for a wide range of paddling, from gentle touring through long distance and sea expeditions to whitewater kayaks capable of taking on the most ferocious whitewater runs on the planet.

Dagger Axis 10.5 Recreational Touring Kayak For Sale

Dagger Axis 10.5

The Dagger Axis 10.5 is a great recreational touring kayak. With its large, easy entry cockpit and comfortable adjustable seat, the Dagger Axis is a high performing tourer / rec kayak that is great for a quick trip down the river, or longer days adventuring. Comes with rear storage hatch, skeg, deck lines and bungees.

Dagger Katana Crossover Kayak For Sale At Norfolk Canoes

Dagger Katana

The Katana is Dagger's latest crossover kayak that is great for those who want the best of both touring and whitewater worlds. Drop the skeg and the Katana has impeccable manners on you local flat water, lift the skeg and this nimble little boat will happily run up to Grade 3 white water.


Touring Kayaks

Dagger Stratos 12.5 Short Playful Surfing Touring Kayak

Dagger Stratos 12.5

Shorter version of the Dagger Stratos that's a little easier to handle off the water

  • The Stratos 12.5is available in 2 sizes for a great fit
  • Drop down skeg for added straight line tracking
  • Sealed bulkheads front and rear storage hatches


Dagger Stratos 14.5 Touring & Sea Surf Kayak For Sale Norfolk

Dagger Stratos 14.5

With a fast and efficient hull and finely tuned rocker profile this tourer gives an enjoyable, forgiving ride. The Dagger Stratos ideal for paddlers to develop and hone their skills. 2 sizes available for the ideal fit.


White Water Kayaks

Dagger Dynamo Kids Kayak For Sale in East Anglia

Dagger Dynamo

The Dynamo is the smallest kayak we stock and is an ideal first boat for smaller paddlers. The design is modern and very easily handled by small children. Light, manoeuvrable and comfortable. Perfect for kids.

Dagger Axiom 6.9 Kids Whitewater Kayak

Dagger Axiom 6.9

The Axiom is a great, lightweight whitewater kayak available in a kids size.

  • The ideal kids kayak for learning fun new skills.
  • A low volume playful rear of the boat allowing playful tricks.
  • Small and easy so kids can move around as well.
Dagger Axiom River Running Whitewater Kayak For Sale

Dagger Axiom

The Dagger Axiom has a fast planing hull design which features rails along the full length for edging. This combined with a dry-ride bow and a low volume playful stern makes the Axiom great for playing. The Dagger Axiom is available in 4 sizes

Dagger Code Top Spec Creek Whitewater Kayak

Dagger Code

The Dagger Code provides pinpoint accuracy, stability and a fast planning hull to allow the paddler an easy drive.

  • Creek Or Action Seating System Specs
  • Volume Adjustable Bulkhead Footbrace
  • Thighbrace Mounted Double Ratchet Adjustment
Dagger Rewind Downriver Whitewater River Running Playboat

Dagger Rewind

An ultimate river running down river whitewater playboat style kayak for paddlers looking to add speed &tricks to their paddling. The Dagger Rewind is available in 3 sizes so most paddlers can get s perfect fit.

Dagger Mamba Creeker Style River Kayak For Sale Norwich

Dagger Mamba

A modern day classic, the Mamba has proved itself over and over on rivers around the world. The Mamba has had a facelift and is even better than it was. Now with Contour Ergo Seating it will make it the top river runner in its class. Available in 3 sizes.

Dagger GT Series of General Purpose Whitewater Kayaks In Club Spec

Dagger GT Series

The GT range provides a great all round river running kayak, in a size that will suit most paddlers. Ideal for someone that wantsa boatthat can do everything, frombeginner right through to grade 4. Available in 4 sizes.