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Perception Touring And Sit On Top Kayaks For Sale - Norfolk Canoes

Perception Sit On Tops & Touring Kayaks

Perception have a reputation for making great kayaks whether you are after a single seater sit on top, family kayak or touring and sea kayak, there is certain to be a Perception Kayaks model to suit your needs.

Solo Sit On Tops

Perception Triumph 13 Sit On Top Kayak For Sale

Perception Triumph 13

13ft long sit on top that's fast and stable, ideal for river and sea use.

  • Comes complete with comfortable seat
  • Also makes an ideal sit on top for kayak fishing
  • Stable, fast and easy to handle on and off the water

Sit in Touring Kayaks

Perception make some superb touring kayaks, easy to paddle and comfortable seating systems. Whether it's just a boat for a few hours or extended kayak trip, there's a Perception model for your needs.

Perception Expression 11 touring sit in kayak for sale

Perception Expression 11

One of the best short touring kayaks on the market.

  • Fast and easy to paddle touring kayak
  • Drop down skeg for easy tracking in windy conditions
  • Adjustable seat provides maximum comfort
Perception Expression 14 And 15 Touring Kayaks

Perception Expression 14 and 15

Fast and stable touring kayaks with plenty of storage space.

  • Available in 14 and 15 ft touring kayak models
  • Adjustable, comfortable Zone seating system
  • EXP touring backband
Perception Essence Sea Kayak For Sale

Perception Essence 16 and 17 Expedition

A great single layer plastic sea kayak with plenty of performance.

  • Available in 16 and 17 foot sea kayak models
  • EXP Backband Seating System
  • Plenty of internal storage space for kit

Tandem Touring Kayaks

Share the adventure with a 2 person sit in touring kayak. All the benefits of an open canoe but less effort to control.

Perception Prodigy 2 Expedition Tandem Sit In Touring Kayak

Perception Prodigy

Large cockpit tandem sit in touring kayak.

  • Features 2 adjustable, comfortable seats and footrests
  • Available in optional rudder model
  • Rear internal storage area and deck bungee's

Models Currently Unavailable

Models that are currently unavailable with No Pre-Order or ETA Possible.

Perception Sundance Lightweight Touring Kayak For Sale At Norfolk Canoes

Perception Sundance

Extremely short, lightweight kayak that's great for beginners.

  • Short, stable and easy to handle
  • Super-large cockpit makes getting in and out easy
  • Comfortable seat for more enjoyable time paddling
Price Unavailable
Perception Prodigy XS Small Lightweight Kids Touring Kayak

Perception Prodigy XS

Touring kayak for kids and smaller paddlers with plenty of comfort and stability. Available to order – contact us for price and availability

Price Unavailable
Perception Carolina 12 & 14 Touring Kayak

Perception Carolina 12 and 14

A short, comfortable, capable touring kayak that is great for the Norfolk Broads. Available to order – contact us for price and availability

Price Unavailable
Perception Pescador 10 & 12 Comfortable Sit On Touring Kayak

Perception Pescador 10 & 12

The latest range of sit on top kayaks from perception.

  • Stable and easy to handle sit on top kayaks
  • Comfortable with a padded seat and backrest
  • Plenty of storage space with internal hatch and rear tank
Price Unavailable
Perception Kayaks Pescador 10 & 12 Pro Sit On Top Fishing

Perception Pescador Pro 10 & 12

Deluxe version of the Pescador sit on top fishing kayak.

  • Compact, high performing fishing kayaks
  • Extremely comfortable padded seat and backrest
  • Feature-packed with all you could need from a sit on top
Price Unavailable
Perception Pilot 12 Propeller Pedal Drive Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

Perception Pescador Pilot

Pedal driven propeller drive sit on top kayak.

  • Efficient pedal drive system linked to a propeller below
  • Adjustable drive seating system for variable leg lengths
  • Plenty of storage and ideal for kayak fishing
Price Unavailable


Models still available but now made under the WaveSport brand

Perception Scooter Sit On Kayak

Perception Scooter

Discontinued under the Perception name and now manufactured under the WaveSport brand - still the same great little kayak, though.

Perception Gemini Scooter Sit On Top For Sale

Perception Scooter Gemini - Now WaveSport Scooter Gemini

The Perception Gemini paddles well and features a moulded side handles that make car topping and carrying easy. Includes a moulded centre seat area for a small child.

Perception Horizon Tandem Touring Kayak Now Wave Sport Horizon

Horizon - Now Produced by WaveSport

Discontinued under the Perception brand - now manufactured as WaveSport Horizon

Perception Vista Tandem Touring Kayak

Vista - Now Produced by WaveSport

Discontinued under the Perception banner - now produced under the WaveSport Brand