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Wave Sport Kayak For Sale From Norfolk Canoes

Wave Sport Kayaks

Wave Sport Sit on Top Kayaks

Wave Sport Scooter Solo Sit On Top Kayak For Sale

Wave Sport Scooter

Superb solo sit on top that's great fun to surf.

  • Comes complete with comfortable seat
  • Great for adults and children alike
  • Perfect for rivers and sea use
Wave Sport Scooter Gemini Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

Wave Sport Scooter Gemini

2 person tandem version of the Scooter sit on top kayak.

  • 2 comfortable seats included
  • Space in the middle for a small child
  • Great for river and sea adventures

Wave sport Crossover Kayaks

Wave Sport Ethos Crossover Kayak For Sale

Wave Sport Ethos 9 & 10

Best-selling model of hybrid crossover kayak in 2 outfitting levels.

  • Available in 2 sizes for the ideal fit and weight range
  • Standard Black out outfitting is great value for money
  • Core WhiteOut outfitting for maximum connection & performance

Wave Sport White Water Kayaks

Wave Sport Phoenix Whitewater Kayak In Sublime

Wave Sport Phoenix

A quick and manoeuvrable whitewater kayak perfect for rapids and creeks.

  • Core Whiteout Seating System
  • Safety Step Out Pillar
  • Great For Tough Creeks and Rapids
Wave Sport Diesel Whiteout Whitewater Kayak

Wave Sport Diesel

One of the top selling white water kayaks, often described as the 4x4 of whitewater paddling.

  • Superb kayak that will take you from beginner to advanced
  • Available in Black Out and Core White Out outfitting levels
  • 3 sizes for the best fit possible
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Wave Sport Recon White Water Creek Kayak

Wave Sport Recon

High performing creek kayak with classic good looks.

  • Core WhiteOut seat and outfitting
  • Great for advanced white water creek paddlers
  • Available in 3 sizes for best fit
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Wave Sport Touring Kayaks

Wave Sport Hydra Touring & Sea Play Kayak

Wave Sport Hydra

Ideal for touring on both flat water and the sea, with the alternate edge that allows a more playful side to the Hydra's many heads.

  • Core Whiteout adjustable outfitting
  • Bow & Stern storage hatches with bulkheads
  • Drop down skeg for improved straight line tracking

Wave Sport Horizon Touring Kayak

Wave Sport Horizon

Extremely comfortable and versatile touring kayak with 2 cockpits.

  • Tandem cockpits with comfortable seats and adjustable footrests
  • Available in optional rudder model
  • Rear internal storage area and deck bungee's
Wave Sport Vista Entry Level Toruing Kayak With Large Cockpit

Wave Sport Vista

A stable tandem touring kayak with 2 seats and a large open cockpit.
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  • Can be fitted with a child stadium seat
  • Available in rental spec for hire centres
  • Option Rudder available
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Wave Sport Freestyle Playboats

Wave Sport Fuse Short Whitewater Freestyle Playboat Kayak

Wave Sport Fuse

A great design of freestyle playboat.

  • Wave Sport Black Out seat and outfitting
  • 3 sizes of kayak available
  • Great performance and value for money
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Wave Sport Project X Whitewater Freestyle Playboat

Wave Sport Project X

Wave sports most well loved playboat, a great combination of performance at a great price.

  • Available in great value BlackOut spec outfitting
  • 3 sizes available for the right fit
Wave Sport Mobius Freestyle White Water Kayak For Sale

Wave Sport Mobius

Short, fast and a great river running playboat kayak.

  • Forgiving performance makes this a great kayak for beginners through to advanced.
  • Available in 3 sizes for the best fit possible
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