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Old Town Canoes are currently unavailable to order in the UK

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Thermoformed Canoes

The Old Town Saranac series of Open Canoe is popular for family use

Old Town Saranac 146 and 160 Canoe

A great entry level Canadian Canoe. The Old Town Saranac features two contoured padded seats with adjustable backrests plus a centre bench seat that is perfect for smaller passengers. Ideal for a family adventure and picnic.

  • Comfortable entry-level canoe with adjustable backrests

Triple Layer Polyethylene Canoes

The most common form of material used on Old Town Canadian canoes, Three Layer Polyethylene is a sandwich of closed cell foam surounded by layers of high density polyethylene. These canoes are stronger and more durable than single layer thermoformed canoes. They are also better through the water and more inherently buoyant.

Old Town Next Canoe for sale

Old Town Next

This model of canoe blends the joy of paddling a canoe with the comfort of a raised kayak-style seat. Ideal for those who would rather use a double-bladed paddle.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic adjustable kayak-style seat
The Old Town Discovery 119 solo open canoe for sale

Old Town Discovery 119

A great little solo canoe that paddles beautifully. Easy to get in and out of with a very comfortable, adjustable seat with high backrest.

  • Classic solo open canoe with plenty of stability
The Old Town Discovery 133 Canoe

Old Town Discovery 133

Re-released into the Old Town canoe range, the Discovery 133 features 3 seats in a very compact canoe. Great versatile small canoe.

  • Short canoe with 3 wood and web seats
Old Town Discovery family of open canoes for sale

Old Town Discovery 158 and 169

The trusty work horse of the river, the Old Town Discovery range of Canadian Canoes are very popular and used by hire fleets and outdoor activity centres with good reason. Bomb-proof build quality combined with superb paddling ability.

  • Classic, popular model of tandem plastic canoe.
The Old Town Guide open canoe

Old Town Guide 147 and 160

The Guide family of Old Town canoes are great for those starting out on the water. They deliver good levels of stability with the comfort of having moulded seats with adjustable backrests.

  • Great for beginners wanting a stable canoe for day trips
The Old Town Penobscot open canoes

Old Town Penobscot 164 and 174

Great canoes for touring and expeditions. Old Town Penobscot canoes are easy to paddle long or short distance with an enourmous carrying capacity.

  • Great touring canoes ideal for camping trips and expeditions
Old Town Discovery Sort 15 SS Open Canoe

Old Town Discovery Sport 15 SS

A wide, stable canoe that features a square stern that is ideal for mounting an outboard motor. The Old Town Discovery Sport 15 SS is a perfect canoe for sport on the water and great for fishing from. Great for The Broads.

  • Large capacity canoe ideal for use with an outboard motor

Royalex Canoes - Discontinued

Royalex production has now ceased and most models are no longer available, only in their standard Triple Layer Polyethylene construction. If you are looking for a light-weight open canoe, then please give us a call on 01603 747139 for alternatives.

Old Town Pack Canoe now discontinued

Old Town Pack

A classic solo open canoe, the Pack is comfortable, easy to paddle and incredibly light weight. At around only 14kg's it's an ideal small solo canoe.

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Old Town Penobscot canoe now discontinued

Old Town Camper 15 and 16

Ever-popular model of Canadian canoe due to its' high stability and ease of paddling.

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The Old Town Penobscot Royalex Canoes for sale

Old Town Penobscot 16 and 17 RX

Light-weight versions of the Penobscot. Excellent open canoes for family camping trips and longer distance touring. Fast and stable with plenty of freeboard and a high carrying capacity.

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The Old Town Charles River canoe in Royalex

Old Town Charles River 163 RX and Polyethylene 160

Slightly longer than the Poly Charles River, the 163 in Royalex has all the character and style just with a lot less weight. Please note the polyethylene 16 foot version of the Charles River is now also dicontinued.

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