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Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are designed to be comfortable and easy to paddle whether novice or expert. They generally feature large cockpits that are easy to get in and out of and have plenty of leg room. They also have ample storage space for items such as a tent and other camping equipment and have plenty of features to maximise your enjoyment while exploring our waterways.

Recreational Touring Kayaks

Riot Quest 9.5 Small Super Lightweight Entry Level Touring Kayak

Riot Quest 9.5

More of a short, recreational touring kayak for smaller paddlers and larger kids

  • Superb starter kayak for recreational paddling
  • Wide, stable hull with large cockpit
  • Light and easy to carry to and from the water

Riot Quest 10 HV Large Cockpit Touring Kayak For Bigger Paddlers

Riot Quest 10 HV

Larger version of the Riot Quest 9.5 with just that bit more space and legroom

  • Higher carrying capacity and more leg room
  • Great for beginners
  • Stable and easy to handle on and of the water

Pelican Sprint 100XR Lightweight Solo Touring Kayak

Pelican Sprint 100XR

A Solo recreational performance touring kayak that is lightweight, easy to use, offering a large cockpit for easy entry and exit.

  • Lightweight & Durable RAM-X PREMIUM Construction
  • Efficient Deep V-Chine Hull Design
  • Comfortable ERGOFIT G2™ Seating System
Riot Edge 11 The Best Cheap Quality Comfortable Touring Kayak

Riot Edge 11 With Skeg

Comfortable 11 foot tourer that's excellent value for money.

  • Drop down skeg for improved tracking
  • Flush mounted fishing rod holder installed behind cockpit
  • Spacious storage hatch with bulkhead
Pelican Sprint 120XR Lightweight Solo Touring Kayak

Pelican Sprint 120XR

A longer solo recreational lightweight touring kayak designed for more advanced paddlers wanting more performance.

  • Lightweight & Durable RAM-X PREMIUM Construction
  • Efficient Deep V-Chine Hull Performance Hull
  • Comfortable ERGOFIT G2™ Seating System
Perception Expression 11 The Best Selling Short Lightweight Touring Kayak In The UK

Perception Expression 11

Perception's brilliant Expression 11 a fast, agile short tourer.

  • Comfortable, adjustable DLX seat and backrest as standard.
  • Sealed rear bulkhead with oval hatch for kit storage
  • Fast straight line tracking keel, with a drop down skeg if needed.

Dagger Axis E 10.5 Stable Touring Kayak With Top Performance

Dagger Axis E 10.5

A top quality, high performance, short touring kayak that is ideal as a day kayak for all level of paddlers.

  • Large cockpit for easy entry & exit
  • Sealed rear bulkhead with oval hatch for gear storage
  • Drop down skeg for easy straight line tracking

Riot Enduro 12 Stable Touring Kayak For Larger Paddlers

Riot Enduro 12 With Skeg

A 12ft day touring kayak that's stable, easy to paddle and great for larger paddlers.

  • Good levels of storage for kit and clothing
  • Drop down skeg keeps the Enduro straight in strong winds
  • Custom-fit seating system

Riot Enduro 13 Short 2 Hatch Touring Kayak For Camping

Riot Enduro 13 With Skeg

Larger version of the Enduro 12 with more storage space a great day tourer that can be used for weekend trips.

  • Great for longer trips and overnight camping
  • Drop down skeg included
  • Bow and stern hatches for storage
Crossover Kayaks Perfect For Whitewater Kayaking & Touring Kayaking

Crossover kayaks

  • Are you looking for something slightly smaller?
  • In which to explore river but also do the odd bit of whitewater?
  • Why not look through our great range of Crossover Kayaks?

Day Touring Kayaks

Riot Edge 15 Cheap Quality Comfortable High Perfomrance Touring Kayak

Riot Edge 15

A stable ride and plenty of features from this touring kayak.

  • Predictable and easy to handle on the water
  • Front and rear hatches to access the hull storage spaces
  • On-deck bungee's and deck lines


Perception Expression 14 & 15 Fast High Performance Touring Kayaks

Perception Expression 14 & 15

Designed to be the next generation in day and overnight touring kayaks.

  • Fast, efficient with great straight line tracking and drop down skeg
  • Sealed bulkheads front and rear with hatches for storage
  • Comfortable adjustable seating system

Dagger Stratos Playful Sea Surfing Touring Kayak

Dagger Stratos 14.5

Fast and efficient on flat water, and playful enough to ride currents and waves.

  • The Stratos 14.5 is available in 2 sizes for a great fit
  • Drop down skeg for added straight line tracking
  • Sealed bulkheads front and rear storage hatches

Wavesport Hydra Touring & Sea Play Kayak With Comfortable Seating System

Wavepsort Hydra

Ideal for touring on both flat water and the sea, with the alternate edge that allows a more playful side to the Hydra's many heads.

  • Core Whiteout adjustable outfitting
  • Bow & Stern storage hatches with bulkheads
  • Drop down skeg for improved straight line tracking

Sea Kayak That Can Be Used For Touring Kayaking

Sea Kayaks

  • Are you're looking for something bigger?
  • In which to explore coastal regions?
  • Why not look through our range of Sea Kayaks?

Tandem and Open Cockpit Touring Kayaks

Tandem and Open Cockpit Touring Kayaks are popular alternatives to Tandem Sit On Tops and Open Canoes. The advantages of an Open Cockpit Touring Kayak are that they offer comfortable padded seats with good back support. Paddlers stay drier than they would paddling a Sit On Top Kayak (when used in appropriate conditions) and most of our customers find them easier to paddle than an Open Canoe.
These can all be transported on a standard car roof rack.

Perception Prodigy Tandem Touring Kayak With One Large Cockpit

Perception Prodigy II

The Prodigy II is an all-new model designed to be a great stable touring kayak.

  • Adjustable, comfortable seats, with ability to take up to 3 people
  • Sealed rear bulkhead with top hatch for easy storage
  • Great straight line tracking and stability so anyone can paddle
Wavesport Horizon Tandem Touring Kayak With 2 Cockpits

Wavepsort Horizon

Tandem sit in kayak with separate cockpits.

  • Comfortable separate cockpits with adjustable padded seats
  • Front and rear storage hatches with bulkheads
  • Available in a with rudder option
Norse Thor Cheap Affordable Tandem Composite Sea Kayaks For Sale At Norfolk Canoes

Norse Thor

Norse Thor a high performance tandem composite sea kayak thats is comfotable and has a confidence inspiring hull all for an unbeatable price.

  • Constructed From Vacuum Bagged Fibreglass Composite
  • Rudder System As Standard
  • Large Storage Hatches With Bulkheads For Storage

Touring Kayak Equipment

Equipment For Touring Kayaking Deck Bags Dry Bags Trolleys Paddles Spray Decks

Touring Kayak Equipment

Accessories for your touring kayak including trolleys, deck storage, dry bags and much more.