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White Water Kayaks

Quality white water kayaks from the top manufacturers

These are a selection of our most popular White Water Kayaks. If you can’t find the kayak you are looking for then please contact us where we will be more than happy to help. Looking for a complete package? Kayak, Paddle, Helmet etc? Then please contact us where we can discuss your requirements.

Whitewater River Running Surf Kayaks For Sale Norwich Norfolk Canoes UK

White Water River Running Kayaks

Most popular kayaks for playing on rivers, surfing and running whitewater rivers

  • Low volume rear end kayaks ideal for tricks and tail squirts
  • Big volume river runners and creek kayaks for big water
  • Available in different seating specs from basic to expert white water
Whitewater Creek Kayaks For Sale Norfolk Canoes UK

White Water Creek Kayaks

Seriously tough white water kayaks for taking on big water.

  • High volume creeker kayaks
  • Made from the toughest plastics
  • Available in different sizes to get the optimum fit
Crossover and kayaks for General Purpose and white water paddling for sale

Crossover Kayaks

These kayaks are designed for paddling the flat river as well as white water.

  • Perfect for flat waters with a drop down skeg & up to grade 3 white water
  • These kayaks are fast and easy to turn for great days on the river
  • Available in different sizes and outfittings to allow the best fit
Play Boats and freestyle whitewater kayaks for sale

Freestyle/Play Boats

These small kayaks are perfect for ripping it up at your local play spot & surfing.

  • These Freestyle kayaks are designed to spin on waves and cartwheel.
  • The latest designs will have you flying through the air pulling tricks
  • Available in different sizes to allow the best fit for the paddler