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Nova Craft Trapper 12

Lightweight solo and stable open canoe

The Nova Craft Trapper 12 is amazingly lightweight and a beautiful canoe to paddle. A stable solo canoe with enough room for some kit or a four legged friend to accompany you on your adventure.


The Nova Craft Trapper 12 Open Canoe In Tuff Stuff Material

Nova Craft Trapper 12 solo canoe in Tuff Stuff

The Light And Stable Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Open Canoe
Nova Craft Trapper 12 Canoe In Tuff Stuff
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Nova Craft Trapper 12

The Nova Craft Trapper 12 open canoe is without doubt one of the best, small, lightweight solo canoes on the market today. Made from Nova Craft's superb Tuff Stuff material, the Trapper 12 is unbelievably light and as such incredibly easy to get on and off a car, to and from the water and around portages.

Tuff Stuff composite material is a blend of Basalt weave cloth and Innegra, a Polypropylene-based material. This gives the Nova Craft Trapper 12 canoe a superb resistance to impact, stiffness on the water leading to great responsiveness and tracking, and a beautiful finish with the gel coating. The Trapper 12 not only looks great, but is a rewarding solo canoe to paddle.

Even though the Nova Craft Trapper 12 canoe is only 12 feet long, there's still a good amount of space for kit or even a small 4-legged canoeing companion. The short length doesn't make it slow or difficult to handle either. The Trapper 12 is an ideal blend of speed, stability and manoeuvrability and just makes it a real joy to take out every time. The Nova Craft Trapper 12 canoe comes with a single ash wood and bootlace seat fitted as standard, 2 thwarts, ash carrying handles and built-in buoyancy tanks front and rear.

If you are looking for a colour not listed, or options such as wooden gunwales, please email or call us on 01603 747139 and we will be happy to help.


The Nova Craft Trapper 12 Tuff Stuff canoe is also available with factory fitted wooden gunwales and skid plates. This means that your special order canoe will be filly outfitted with your specified options before it is shipped to the UK. Please call us on 01603 747139 for price and timescale.


  • Basalt and Innegra composite material
  • 1 x Ash & Bootlace Seat
  • Bow and Stern Ash Carry Handles
  • Black Anodised Aluminium Gunwales
  • Reinforced ABS end deck plates
  • Built in Bow and Stern Buoyancy tanks
  • Manufactured in Canada 
  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Slight Rocker


  • Length: 12' / 366cm
  • Tuff Stuff Weight: 38lbs / 17.2kgs
  • Width: 34″ / 86.4cm
  • Center Depth: 13” / 33cm
  • End Depth: 18″ / 45.7cm
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 490 LBS / 223 KGS Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Nova Craft Trapper 12 for your weight


Provided By Nova Craft

Recommended Accessories

Pelican Beavertail Lightweight Alloy Shaft Canoe Paddle For Use With The Nova Craft Trapper 12

Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A great cheap lightweight open canoe paddle with aluminium shaft and Polypropylene plastic blade. Lightweight, tough and an ideal spare paddle or for rocky areas when you don't want to be using your nice wooden paddle.

Length 57"



Grey Owl Voyageur is a great paddle for use with the Nova Craft Trapper 12

Grey Owl Voyaguer Paddle

Light, powerful and a superb all-rounder, the Voyageur is a popular choice of canoe paddle. Laminated Black Cherry, Basswood, Ash and Walnut with Epoxy tip and Polyurethane exterior coating.

Grey Owl Guide ottertail canoe paddle

Grey Owl Guide

A beautiful paddle for touring and deeper water. Ottertail design that cuts through the water effortlessly. Laminated Black Cherry with Epoxy tip and exterior Polyurethane outer coating.

Pair of Buoyancy Blocks for use with the Nova Craft Trapper 12

Ruk Buoyancy Blocks - Pair

Easy to fit way of fitting additional buoyancy into your canoe. Internal block made from closed cell Polystyrene with a tough outer cover. Mesh storage pocket and a lashing strap on each block for easy installation.



Lashing Kit to fit 2 Buoyancy Blocks into the Nova Craft Trapper 12

Buoyancy Blocks Lashing Kit

An easy to use kit that includes Cord, P-Clips and Pop Rivets to help secure a pair of Buoyancy Blocks into your open canoe.



Northwater D-Ring Attachment Point

D-Ring Attachment Point

A 2 inch D Ring attached to a Vinyl base via Nylon webbing. All stitched together to produce a hard wearing, relaible way of securing buoyancy blocks into your canoe.



VinylTec Glue for fitting D-Rings to your canoe

VinylTec 2000 Glue

VinylTec 2000 is an ideal adhesive for fitting D-Rings into your plastic open canoe. Brush included inside cap to aid installation.



Canoe Barrels are great for use with the Nova Craft Trapper 12

Canoe Barrels - 30 or 60ltr

Tough canoe barrels are ideal for storing kit when open canoeing. Lashed to the canoe they also provide some additional buoyancy. Available in 30 or 60ltr sizes.

Folding Canoe Trolley for use with the Nova Craft Trapper 12

Riot Folding Canoe Trolley

A great budget canoe trolley. Folds for easy storage when not in use, solid puncture proof wheels and a kick stand for easy loading.



Railblaza C-Tug Portage Trolley the Nova Craft Trapper 12

Railblaza C-Tug Trolley

Still the best Portage Trolley on the market, the C-Tug is strong, breaks down into small parts for easy storage and is fully adjustable for a range of canoe hull shapes.



Colours - Images for colour reference only

Green Colour Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Canoe


Ox Blood Colour Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Canoe

Ox Blood

Sand Colour Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Canoe


Red Colour Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Canoe

Red - To order only

Olive Colour Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Canoe

Olive - To order only

Yellow Colour Nova Craft Trapper 12 Solo Canoe

Yellow - To order only


Standard Delivery

If you would like the Nova Craft Trapper 12 delivered, please contact us with your address details and we can discuss the options for delivery using our fleet of Canoe Shops vehicles.

Collection - Click & Collect

The Nova Craft Trapper 12 is available for instore collection from Norfolk Canoes or from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group.

Our other stores are:

  • Bournemouth Canoes - Poole
  • Brighton Canoes - Newhaven
  • Cornwall Canoes - St Columb Road Nr Newquay
  • Kayaks & Paddles - Plymouth
  • Manchester Canoes - Warrington
  • Southampton Canoes - Totton

We will contact you to arrange collection upon receipt of you order.

Give us a call on 01603 747139 if you have any questions about the Nova Craft Trapper 12