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Enigma RTI 13

A Fantastic lightweight Solo plastic Open Canoe

Single seat solo plastic open canoes don't come much better than the Enigma RTI 13. Lightweight, comfortable, tough, fast and easy to handle on and off the water, who could ask for more?

£789.65 (RRP £929.00 - Saving £139.35)

Enigma RTI 13 Solo Open Canadian Canoe in Green, All UK made

Enigma RTI 13 - Green

The Enigma RTI 13 is a great solo open canoe
Paddling the Enigma RTI 13 open canoe with a four legged passenger
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Enigma RTI 13

Smallest model in the Enigma open canoe range.


The Enigma RTI 13 really is a superb little canoe that ticks all the boxes most people have when looking for a small solo plastic open canoe.

The first thing you notice about the Enigma RTI 13 is the styling. Its' swept up bow and stern give it a classic Canadian Canoe look that never gets old. With a narrow beam, minimal rocker profile and freeboard, the RTI 13 takes its' design from the old Mobile Adventure Ottawa and as such really is a joy to paddle solo. On the inside, there is a single, comfortable wood and web seat that's great whether you paddle your solo canoe seated or use the seat to rest on as you paddle in a kneeling position. The big surprise is the weight and considering the RTI 13 is a triple layer polyethylene canoe it's remarkably simple to scoop it up onto your shoulder and walk to or from the water. For longer portages a canoe trolley is still handy, but it's nice to know you can carry it if you need to without giving yourself a hernia just thinking about it.


On the water the Enigma RTI 13 immediately instills confidence. From the first paddle stroke you notice how fast this little canoe is and how easily through the water it glides. Tracking in a straight line is no problem and once heeled over the RTI 13 turns happily. The edging is predictable with no nasty surprises and you are just left with a feeling of contentment safe in the knowledge that this really is a good little canoe. Although a boat that even a beginner would be fine to take their first steps in, a paddler with some experience already will really appreciate the performance and ability of this little canoe. The Enigma RTI 13 may only be small on the outside, but it has plenty to offer.


If you are looking for similar performance but would like to option of taking a friend (other than a four legged one) so need an additional seat, take a look at the Enigma Nimrod 14.


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  • Triple layer plastic
  • Wood webbed seat as standard
  • Shallow V shape hull
  • Minimal rocker
  • Vinyl gunwales
  • Wooden carry handles
  • Wooden Thwart


  • Length: 400cm / 13 ft
  • Width: 76.2 cm / 30 "
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 110 Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Enigma RTI 13 for your weight

Recommended Accessories

Open Canoe Paddles for the Enigma RTI 13

Canoe Paddles

Whatever style of open canoe paddles you're looking for, from budget Alloy shaft to a variety of comfortable wooden paddles, we've got you covered.

Open Canoe Buoyancy Aids and Lifejackets for use with the Enigma RTI 13

Buoyancy Aids

We stock a variety of comfortable Buoyancy Aids with a great fit for everyone from kids to adults in a range of colours and styles. Whether for whitewater or touring,we have a PFD for you.

Painter lines are ideal for mooring up in your Enigma RTI 13 solo open canoe.

Painter Kit

2 x 5m lengths of floating rope and bungees to secure your open canoe for a variety of uses such as towing, mooring up and for use as a swim line.

Price £15.29 (RRP £17.99 - Saving £2.70)

Canoe trolley

Canoe Trolley

A simple to use trolley that is ideal for getting your canoe to and from the water or around portages.

Other trolleys are available

Price £56.91 (RRP £66.95 - Saving £10.04)

Feelfree 15ltr Dry Bags are great for Enigma RTI 13 Open Canoe trips

Feelfree 15ltr Dry Bag

Great for keep your kit or sandwiches dry while canoeing out on the water. A tough, durable waterproof dry bag.

Other sizes are available.

Price £14.36 (RRP £17.95 - Saving £3.59)

5m Car Roofrack Straps for open canoes - sold in a pair

5m Roofrack Straps for Canoes

Really tough, simple to use pair of 5m Straps with a neoprene back to protect your canoe for tying down your Enigma RTI 13 to a car roofrack.

Price £12.71 (RRP £14.95 - Saving £2.24)


Enigma Canoes RTI 13 solo open canoe in Red


Enigma Canoes RTI 13 Solo Open Canoe in Green


Standard Delivery

The Enigma RTI 13 is available for delivery thoughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Ireland.
Canoes and kayaks are normally supplied within 3-5 working days. Clothing and equipment are normally delivered within 1-3 days.


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