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Enigma Nimrod 14

A Fantastic lightweight 2 seat plastic Canadian Canoe

The lightest 2 seater plastic canoe in our range, the Enigma Nimrod 14 is a superb little Canadian canoe whether you paddle tandem or just need a solo canoe with the option to sometimes take a friend. Features reduced freeboard and tublehome sides for a better paddling experience.

£919.00 (RRP £969.00 - Saving £50.00)

Enigma Nimrod 14 Is A Great Canoe For Both Solo And Tandem Paddling

Enigma Nimrod 14 Canoe

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Enigma Nimrod 14

The design of the Enigma Nimrod 14 Canadian canoe really does give you the versatility of a lightweight, plastic open canoe that's equally at home whether paddled by 2 people or just on a solo outing. It's the lightest tandem open canoe in our range and as such if you are on your own most of the time, it's still an easy canoe to lift on and off a car roofrack and get to or from the water. However, the extra seat does give you the ability to take a friend whenever you like.

The Enigma Nimrod 14 might be a brand new canoe but its' design comes from the old Mobile Adventure Ontario designed by Colin Broadway. All the Enigma canoes are made in the UK and have a great build quality and performance.

The Enigma Nimrod 14 tracks straight and true with very little effort needed to propel it through the water. The low freeboard and tumblehome shape to the sides make this an excellent little canoe to paddle solo or tandem and easy to manoeuvre around our winding waterways.

The Enigma Nimrod 14 canoe comes as standard with 2 quality ash wood and web seats and a carrying yoke and has enough space for some overnight kit as well as 2 people.


  • Triple layer plastic
  • 2 x Wood webbed seats
  • 1 x Wooden yoke
  • Bow & stern carry handles
  • Vinyl gunwales
  • Tublehome sides


  • Length: 4.52m
  • Width: 89cm
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Depth at mid point: 36cm
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 380kg Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Enigma Nimrod 14 for your weight

Recommended Accessories

Carlise Economy Alloy Shaft Paddle for use with the Enigma Nimrod 14

Carlisle Economy Canoe Paddle

A great budget canoe paddle with Alloy shaft and Polypropylene blade. Lightweight, tough and an ideal spare paddle or for rocky areas when you don't want to be using your nice wooden paddle.

Grey Owl Voyageur is a great paddle for use with the Enigma Nimrod 14

Grey Owl Voyaguer Paddle

Light, powerful and a superb all-rounder, the Voyageur is a popular choice of canoe paddle. Laminated Black Cherry, Basswood, Ash and Walnut with Epoxy tip and Polyurethane exterior coating.

Grey Owl Guide ottertail canoe paddle

Grey Owl Guide

A beautiful paddle for touring and deeper water. Ottertail design that cuts through the water effortlessly. Laminated Black Cherry with Epoxy tip and exterior Polyurethane outer coating.

Pair of Buoyancy Blocks for use with the Enigma Nimrod 14

Ruk Buoyancy Blocks - Pair

Easy to fit way of fitting additional buoyancy into your canoe. Internal block made from closed cell Polystyrene with a tough outer cover. Mesh storage pocket and a lashing strap on each block for easy installation.



Lashing Kit to fit 2 Buoyancy Blocks into the Enigma Nimrod 14

Buoyancy Blocks Lashing Kit

An easy to use kit that includes Cord, P-Clips and Pop Rivets to help secure a pair of Buoyancy Blocks into your open canoe.



Northwater D-Ring Attachment Point

D-Ring Attachment Point

A 2 inch D Ring attached to a Vinyl base via Nylon webbing. All stitched together to produce a hard wearing, relaible way of securing buoyancy blocks into your canoe.



VinylTec Glue for fitting D-Rings to your canoe

VinylTec 2000 Glue

VinylTec 2000 is an ideal adhesive for fitting D-Rings into your plastic open canoe. Brush included inside cap to aid installation.



Canoe Barrels are great for use with the Enigma Nimrod 14

Canoe Barrels - 30 or 60ltr

Tough canoe barrels are ideal for storing kit when open canoeing. Lashed to the canoe they also provide some additional buoyancy. Available in 30 or 60ltr sizes.

Painter Kit for fitting to the Enigma Nimrod 14

Canoe Painter Kit

This easy to install kit includes everything you need for 2 x 6m Painter Lines on your canoe.



Folding Canoe Trolley for use with the Enigma Nimrod 14

Riot Folding Canoe Trolley

A great budget canoe trolley. Folds for easy storage when not in use, solid puncture proof wheels and a kick stand for easy loading.



Railblaza C-Tug Portage Trolley the Enigma Nimrod 14

Railblaza C-Tug Trolley

Still the best Portage Trolley on the market, the C-Tug is strong, breaks down into small parts for easy storage and is fully adjustable for a range of canoe hull shapes.




Enigma Nimrod 14 Canadian Canoe In Green Colour


Enigma Nimrod 14 Canadian Canoe In Red Colour


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The Enigma Nimrod 14 is available for delivery thoughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Ireland.


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Enigma Nimrod 14 Canadian Canoe In Red Colour