Kayak Anchors and Equipment

For kayak fishing anchoring

Kayak Fishing Anchoring Kit

Anchoring kit for fishing kayaks for sale
  • 1.5kg Galvanized Grapnel Anchor and Dive Reel with 80m of line
  • Floating Rope with Hi-Viz Pick-up Buoy and Zig Zag Cleat with Fittings (Well Nuts)


Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

Kayak Fishing Anchor Trolley Kit for sale
  • Complete trolley kit including:
    Polypropylene rope, 2 Block pulleys, Pad eyes,
    Stainless clip, Bungee shock absorbers
    Detailed instructions


1.5 Kg Grapnel Anchors

1.5kg Grapnel Anchor for Kayak Fishing for sale
  • 4 lockable arms
  • Galvanised for use in salt water
  • 1.5kg (3.3lb) weight


1 Kg Seahook Bruce Anchor

Sea Hook Bruce Anchor for sale
  • Galvanised for use in salt water
  • 1Kg (2.2lb) weight
  • Ideal for softer sea beds and stronger tides.


Galvanised Anchor Shackle

Galvanised shackle for attaching chain to your anchor

An anchor gives much less grag when linked to length of chain. A shackle allows you to secure the chain to your anchor quickly and easily.


Dive Reel

Dive reels are perfect for use with anchors when kayak fishing

A dive reel is the safest way to deploy and recover an anchor whilst kayak fishing. These reels come fully loaded with 80m of warp, anti-reverse and ratchet settings.


Hi-Viz Bick Up Buoy

A High Viz Pick Up Buoy is ideal for anchoring when kayak fishing

A large, 7 inch diameter pick up buoy with good-sized grip and moulded-in hole at the base. Perfect for use on your anchoring kit when kayak fishing.


Zig Zag Cleat

Zig Zag Cleet for use with kayak fishing anchoring

Popular way of locking off either an anchor trolley or anchor line from your fishing kayak. Will accept up to 6mm rope. Ideally secured with either Pop Rivets or Well Nuts.


Stainless Steel Karabiner

Stainless Steel Karabiner for use on a kayak anchor trolley

Stainless Steel Karabiner for use as part of an anchor trolley system on a fishing kayak. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater use.

Length - 60mm


Stainless 1/4 inch Pulley (Sold singly)

Stainless Steel Blocks for use with fishing kayak anchor trolleys

Pulley Dimensions: length: 1-13/16" width: 1/2"

Stainless steel housing and axle pin with plastic pulley wheel. ideal for feshwater and saltwater kayak fishing.Can be used with anchor trolley lines up to 1/4" (6mm)


Nylon Pad Eyes (Pack of 4)

Pack of 6 Nylon Padeyes for sale

Black plastic pad eyes. Perfect for use when fitting an anchor trolley system to a it on top kayak.

Note: Sold as a pack of 4.


10mm Floating Polypropylene Rope

8mm Floating Polypropylene Rope for sale

10mm floating rope that's ideal for use when anchoring a fishing kayak.

Sold by the metre - please amend quantitiy in the checkout basket.


Hobie Drift Chute (Drogue)

Drogue or Drift Chute for kayak fishing for sale at Norfolk Canoes

A great piece of kit for use in windy conditions. Deploy the Drogue using your anchor trolley to control the speed of drift and angle of your kayak.


5mm Bungee Cord

5mm Bungee Shock Cord for sale by the metre

5mm Bungee Shock Cord for sale by the metre.

Sold by the metre - please amend quantitiy in the checkout basket.



Marine Tri Fold Rivets (Pack of 10)

Marine Tri Fold Rivets aor outfitting a fishing kayak with anchor trolley

Pop Rivets are an excellent alternative when securing items such as anchor trolley kits and rod holders to your fishing kayak.


Well nuts (Pack of 4)

Expanding well nuts for fiishing kayak anchor trolley for sale

Expanding Well Nuts are ideal for rigging fishing kayaks. Perfect for fitting anchor trolley kits, rod holders and other items onto your fishing kayak.


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