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Badger Paddles Tripper

A Traditionally Shaped Oiled Ottertail Canoe Paddle

The Badger Paddles Tripper is an ideal paddle for paddlers looking for an ottertail paddle suited for a smooth and quiet paddle stroke.

Badger Paddles Tripper & Tripper Forest Edition Oiled Ottertail Deep Water Canoe Paddle Oiled

Badger Paddles - Tripper (Left) & Tripper Forest Edition (Right)

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Badger Paddles Tripper

The Badger Paddles Tripper Oiled canoe paddle is what most would describe as a traditionally shaped Ottertail (deep water) paddle. This paddle offers a smooth and quiet paddle stroke with a blade that offers a substantial surface area, this makes the Tripper ideal for paddling lakes, broads and large bodies of water.

Badger Paddles specialize in a superb smooth oiled finish which looks beautiful, is easy to care for and offers a lovely in had feel. Being constructed from one piece of Cherry Wood, allows Badger paddles to leave a little extra wood in the tip for durability, unlike other manufacturers who use a thin tip beefed up with a resin tip. The dihedral ridge shows just how much attention to detail and craftsmanship goes into each Badger Paddle, making for that superb smooth stroke by giving the water a direction of travel as it leaves the paddle while also adding a stiff backbone to the paddle. The Blade is stiff through the ridge but thins out towards the centre which allows for some flex before then beefing up again in the tip to allow for that much needed durability if push off rocks or banks.

Badger Paddles Tripper - Forest Edition, this version of the Tripper paddle offer the same great finish, on the water feel, attention to detail and craftsmanship as the regular Tripper however the Forest Edition comes with a Cherry Paddle Tree (the wood of the Tripper Paddle) marked by way of a unique engraving. As part of this Badger Paddles teamed up with One Tree Planted again to help plant a seedlings as part of their reforestation projects encompassing the globe. The supported areas include regions in Canada (including British Colombia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec), USA (including the Appalachia's, California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, and other National Forests) Other forest regions include Mexico, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and even Europe!

Adding to the attention to detail all Badger Paddles are supplied with a protective paddle sock for transport and storage. For maintaining your Badger Paddle we recommend using Badger Paddles Canoe Paddle Oil.


  • Construction: Cherry Wood
  • Finish: Oiled
  • Lengths: 54"/57"/60"/63"
  • Blade Style: Ottertail
  • Includes: Badger Paddle Transport/Storage Sock

Paddle Dimensions

Badger Paddles Tripper Oiled Ottertail Deep Water Canoe Paddle Blade, Shaft, Paddle Spec Dimensions

Paddle Maintenance

Instructions for oiling your canoe paddle:
  • First prepare the wood by making sure it is clean & dry.
  • Sand where necessary & ensure the surface is free of loose particles & dust.
  • Apply oil with a clean rag*.
  • Use a fine sandpaper to “wet sand” using the oil for lubrication.
  • Let stand for a few minutes to allow oil to penetrate.
  • Wipe away excess Badger Oil, if any, with a clean rag then leave to dry for 12 hours.
    *For larger applications, a brush, roller, or sprayer could be used.

Repeat if necessary. Number of coats determined by desired results, amount of use, and exposure to the elements. We recommend a minimum of 4 coats on bare wood. Drying time is approximately 24 to 36 hours. Please allow 24 hours between coats. Approximate coverage:3 square meters per litre. Provides a water resistant coating. Safe for food contact times.


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