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Grey Owl Sprite

Performance Bent Wooden Canoe Paddle

The Grey Owl Sprite is bent shaft wooden open canoe paddle is perfect for paddlers looking for a performance level paddle ideal for touring open canoes & Pack Boats.

Grey Owl Sprite Bent Shaft Wooden Canadian Canoe Performance Paddle For Pack Boats & Canoes

Grey Owl Sprite - Bent Shaft Wooden Canoe Paddle

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Grey Owl Sprite

The Grey Owl Sprite is a performance orientated bent shaft wooden open canoe paddle ideally suited to either paddling open touring canoes or pack boats. With a scroll style grip the Grey Owl Sprite is great for training and using with a sit and switch style of paddling. The flat power face with 12 degree shaft angle make this paddle perfect for paddlers looking to really move their racing canoe or for paddlers looking to speed up their touring canoes and pack boats.

Made from laminated Bass wood, the Grey Owl Sprite is tough and features a reinforced Epoxy tip for added protection.


  • Made of Laminated Basswood
  • Long-Lasting High-Gloss Polyurethane Coating With UV Block
  • Epoxy Tip Guard
  • Flat Power Face
  • Cambered Back Face
  • 8 Ply Laminated Basswood, Oval Shaft 1 ¼” x 1 1⁄16”
  • 12° Angle
  • Blade Surface Area: 105 Square Inches
  • Avg Weight: 20-21 oz

Sizing Bent Shaft Canoe Paddles

To determine the approximate length sit on a chair or the floor and measure the distance from the surface to your chin. Add 6” for the approximate distance the canoe seat would be from the waterline. Thus a person whose chin to chair measurement is 26” would add 6” to arrive at a 32” shaft length. Looking at the specifications below you would find that you would probably use a 50” Bent Shaft Paddle. A one or two inch variation would not have much effect in usage so try for the closest shaft length.

Grey Owl Sprite Bent Shaft Wooden Open Canoe Paddle Size Guide


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