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Badger Paddles BadgerTail

A Traditional Beavertail Oiled Canoe Paddle

The Badger Paddles BadgerTail is a great beavertail style paddle offering a powerful, smooth and quiet paddle stroke, made from Cherry Wood with a lovely oiled finish.

Badger Paddles Badgertail Oiled Beavertail Style Open Canoe Paddle With An Oiled Finish

Badger Paddles - BadgerTail (Oiled)

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Badger Paddles Badgertail

The Badger Paddles BadgerTail is a very popular open canoe paddle with a beavertail (or BadgerTail in this case) style blade. This powerful blade is forgiving, versatile and offers a brilliantly smooth & quiet paddle stroke. With an overall blade volume close to the Badger Paddles Tripper but due to the BadgerTail holding most of its volume lower in the blade the power and leverage is increased. Holding more volume in the lower section of the BadgerTail blade also means should you hit shallower waters the you still get a descent amount of the paddle blade into the water to keep you moving.

Badger Paddles specialize in a superb smooth oiled finish which not only feels great in hand but looks brilliant. These paddles have Badgers signature hand shaped transitional ridge between the shaft and blade which allows for a strong backbone that travels well into the paddle blade. Allowing a uniform mid blade flex thanks to the gradually tapering ridge transition, this ridge also creates a smooth flow of water around the blade surface when in motion giving that smooth and flowing paddle stroke everyone loves.

Adding to the attention to detail all Badger Paddles are supplied with a protective paddle sock for transport and storage. For maintaining your Badger Paddle we recommend using Badger Paddles Canoe Paddle Oil.


  • Construction: Cherry Wood
  • Finish: Oiled
  • Lengths: 54"/57"/60"/63"
  • Blade Style: Beavertail
  • Includes: Badger Paddle Transport/Storage Sock

Paddle Dimensions

Badger Paddles BadgerTail Oiled Beavertail Canoe Paddle Blade, Shaft, Paddle Spec Dimensions

Paddle Maintenance - Using Badger Oil

Instructions for oiling your canoe paddle:
  • First prepare the wood by making sure it is clean & dry.
  • Sand where necessary & ensure the surface is free of loose particles & dust.
  • Apply oil with a clean rag*.
  • Use a fine sandpaper to “wet sand” using the oil for lubrication.
  • Let stand for a few minutes to allow oil to penetrate.
  • Wipe away excess Badger Oil, if any, with a clean rag then leave to dry for 12 hours.
    *For larger applications, a brush, roller, or sprayer could be used.

Repeat if necessary. Number of coats determined by desired results, amount of use, and exposure to the elements. We recommend a minimum of 4 coats on bare wood. Drying time is approximately 24 to 36 hours. Please allow 24 hours between coats. Approximate coverage:3 square meters per litre. Provides a water resistant coating. Safe for food contact times.


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Nationwide Click & Collect available for the Badger Paddles Badgertail. Collection for orders placed online can be made from any of our Canoe Shops UK Stores. For full details on our Click & Collect service, please see: Nationwide Click & Collect

Give us a call on 01603 747139 if you have any questions about the Badger Paddles Badgertail